1 - Bombz
Method number 1: Enter the game with it.

Edit Objects Dialog Box

Logic: GruntStartingPoint
Points: 0 (default ... not used, solver's Grunt)
See AppendixC/EnemyAITypez for value, if Smarts: (team) is 1, 2 or 3
Smarts: 0 ... default ... the player controlz this Grunt.
1 enemy team number.
2 enemy team number.
3 enemy team number.
Note: Gruntz will attack any other Grunt with a different team number!
Powerup: 0 (default ... Bare-handed)
1 ... Bomb
X Min: 0 (default, solver's Grunt)
If Points: definez an enemy Object Guard Grunt, this field
(along with Y Min:) is the 'address' of the Object being guarded.
X Max: 0 (default, solver's Grunt)
If Points: definez an enemy Object Guard Grunt, this field
(along with X Min:) is the 'address' of the Object being guarded.
Method number 2: Cover it up.
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Use Logic: CoveredPowerUp with Powerup: = 1 ... other fieldz as necessary

Method number 3: Leave it in plain sight.
Edit Objects Dialog Box

Use Logic: InGameIcon with Image_Set: = GAME_INGAMEICONZ_TOOLZ_BOMBZ

Method number 4: Put it in a Giant Rock.
No matter what 'team' they are on, a Gauntletz Grunt, (Suicide) Bomber Grunt or Time Bombz Grunt can break or blow up a Giant Rock, or a Shovel Grunt can dig up a Time Bomb next to a Giant Rock, revealing the Tool in the middle, where Tile #290 was placed.

Method number 5: Ask for it.
One of the solver's Gruntz can use a Megaphone to call for the Tool.

Method number 6: Steal it (back).
Entice a Tool Thief carrying the Tool into making a kamikaze run, then pick up the Tool he leavez behind.
(Suicide)Bomb(er)z are one-time use Toolz; the Grunt using the Tool doesn't survive.
No, not even if he is under the influence of the Invulnerability Powerup!

These guyz really get hyped up, when they decide to use their Toolz. They can move three timez as fast as an ordinary Grunt can walk! That is rather handy when it is necessary to go from here to -> there in record time!
An enemy SuicideBomber is always Red , and obviously not 'playing with a full deck'.
Any enemy Grunt may be given a Bomb, however, so you may see a Yellow (Hit And Runner) Grunt carrying a Bomb.
If you listen carefully, you might hear one mumbling to himself, saying something like "Watch me light this puppy!".
Be prepared to get out of his way when he does light it!
That's the signal he's about to make a kamikaze run! He'll come at you like greased lightning.

A Grunt with a Bomb is also very fragile; place one in the middle of eight of his buddiez, and hit him with a Sponge, and all nine Gruntz leave the game ... violently!

Travel speed: 600 millisecondz per Tile ... (300 millisecondz per Tile with SuperSpeed).
(200 millisecondz per Tile, when the fuse is lit.)

Used as a weapon
'Hit' value: 20/20 ... any Grunt within one Tile of the explosion is toast, no Goo left to suck up!

Assumption: Grunt teleportz into an enclosed area of two Tilez next to an enemy 'Post Guard' Grunt (neither can move), and beginz the fight.
ID Opponent Hit Result Winner's
Reason for unusual resultz
0 Bare-handed 1 draw 0 Nothing unusual here ... nobody wins!!! (Everybody loses!)
1 Bombz 20 draw 0
2 Boomerangz 6 draw 0
3 Brick(layer)z 4 draw 0
4 Clubz 8 draw 0
5 Gauntletz 5 draw 0
6 (Boxing) Glovez 1 draw 0
7 Goober(Straw)z 2 draw 0
8 Gravity Bootz 2 draw 0
9 Gun Hatz 10 draw 0
10 Sponge Gunz 1 draw 0
11 Rockz 8 draw 0
12 Shieldz 1 draw 0
13 Shovel 6 draw 0
14 Springz 5 draw 0
15 Spy Gear 4 draw 0
16 Swordz 10 draw 0
17 TimeBombz 20 draw 0
18 Toobz 2 draw 0
19 (Magic) Wandz ? draw 0 Won't fight.
20 Warpstone 0 draw 0 can't fight ... and enemy Gruntz cannot carry a Warpstone piece !
21 Welder's Kit 20 draw 0
22 Wingz 2 draw 0
* GunHatz take no damage from a SpongeGun (but are moved) and half damage from any other ranged weapon Gruntz.
** Shieldz take no damage from Bare-handed, (Boxing) Glovez or other Shield Gruntz, and they take half damage from many other Gruntz.
An opponent's 'Hit' value in Yellow indicatez half damage.
An opponent's 'Hit' value of '0' in Red indicatez no damage.
An 'undecided' result is because of random delayz (flailing, etc.) by either opponent.

Grade: F 14 W6-D2-L15 (-159 -199)

The solver, using "hit & run" tacticz, can greatly alter the resultz against most enemy Gruntz.