7 - Goober(Straw)z

Method number 1: Enter the game with it.
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Use Logic: GruntStartingPoint with Powerup: = 7 ... other fieldz as necessary

Method number 2: Cover it up.
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Use Logic: CoveredPowerUp with Powerup: = 7 ... other fieldz as necessary

Method number 3: Leave it in plain sight.
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Use Logic: InGameIcon with Image_Set: = GAME_INGAMEICONZ_TOOLZ_GOOBERZ

Method number 4: Put it in a Giant Rock.
No matter what 'team' they are on, a Gauntletz Grunt, (Suicide) Bomber Grunt or Time Bombz Grunt can break or blow up a Giant Rock, or a Shovel Grunt can dig up a Time Bomb next to a Giant Rock, revealing the Tool in the middle, where Tile #290 was placed.

Method number 5: Ask for it.
One of the solver's Gruntz can use a Megaphone to call for the Tool.

Method number 6: Steal it (back).
Turn a Tool Thief carrying the Tool into a Goo Puddle , then pick up the Tool he leavez behind.

Gruntz are delighted when they receive a Tool to use!
Give one of these to a Grunt, and he may exclaim (joyfully) Time To Start Sucking!

GooberStrawz are your meanz of acquiring the materialz to 'bake' a new Grunt.
Whenever a Grunt (not Bombz, Gravity Bootz, Warpstone or Welder's Kit) has its health reduced to zero, it leavez behind a puddle of Goo (except in Water, Tar Pit, Quicksand, etc.).
A GooberStraw is used to suck up that Goo, storing it in a 'Goo Well'.
It takez four Goo Puddlez to have enough to bake a new Grunt.
When you hear the 'ka-ching', indicating baking is complete, you may look around for a GruntCreationPoint to enter your Bare-handed Grunt into the game. Sometimez, you may find Goo Puddlez (probably left behind by long-forgotten battlez) that you may suck up, without having to fight to create them.
It does not matter what color the Goo is when you suck it up ... Goo is Goo.

A GooberStraw is not exactly the most powerful weapon a Grunt can carry, but it is better than Bare-handz (and more useful once the battle is over).

Travel speed: 600 millisecondz per Tile ... 300 millisecondz per Tile with the Super Speed PowerUp.

Used as a weapon
'Hit' value: 2/20 ... enemy turned into a Goo Puddle after tenth swing.

Assumption: Grunt teleportz into an enclosed area of two Tilez next to an enemy 'Post Guard' Grunt (neither can move), and beginz the fight.
ID Opponent Hit Result Winner's
Reason for unusual resultz
0 Bare-handed 1 win 11
1 Bombz 20 draw 0 Actually, both lose.
2 Boomerangz 6 lose 2
3 Brick(layer)z 4 lose 8
4 Clubz 8 lose 12
5 Gauntletz 5 lose 12
6 (Boxing) Glovez 1 win 11
7 Goober(Straw)z 2 undecided 2
8 Gravity Bootz 2 lose 4
9 Gun Hatz 10 lose 10
10 Sponge Gunz 1 win 16 Sponge Gunz are very difficult to load ... takez a lot of time
11 Rockz 8 lose 4
12 Shieldz 1 win 1 ** Shieldz take half damage from many Gruntz, including GooberStrawz (who swung first, so got twenty swingz in)
13 Shovel 6 lose 10
14 Springz 5 lose 10
15 Spy Gear 4 lose 10
16 Swordz 10 lose 16
17 TimeBombz 20 draw 0 Actually, both lose.
18 Toobz 2 win 2
19 (Magic) Wandz ? win 20 won't fight
20 Warpstone 0 win 20 can't fight ... and enemy Gruntz can't carry a Warpstone piece !
21 Welder's Kit 20 lose 18
22 Wingz 2 win 10
* GunHatz take no damage from a SpongeGun (but are moved) and half damage from any other ranged weapon Gruntz.
** Shieldz take no damage from Bare-handed, (Boxing) Glovez or other Shield Gruntz, and they take half damage from many other Gruntz.
An opponent's 'Hit' value in Yellow indicatez half damage.
An opponent's 'Hit' value of '0' in Red indicatez no damage.
An 'undecided' result is because of random delayz (flailing, etc.) by either opponent.

Grade: C- 20 W9-D2-L12 (-27 -67) ... some offense, unique utility

The solver, using "hit & run" tacticz, can greatly alter the resultz against most enemy Gruntz.