Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: GiantRock
Score: 0 ... default
This field has special meaning if the Object enclosed is a Megaphone.
Megaphones do not behave as one would expect them to; the order in which Megaphones are used does not determine what Object will be called-for!
This field sets the order of Objects called-for, and if any Megaphone has a value of "0" in it, no Megaphone will work!
A good idea would be to create a table of Megaphones (on paper, or a Notepad-type file), showing X,Y coordinates; "Score" and Object called-for.
That way, if it became necessary to add another Megaphone, changing the sequence of Objects needed to solve the puzzle, it will be easier to change the "Score" values of affected Megaphones.
Just locate the Megaphone with the highest "Score" and add 1 to the value, working backwards to lower "Scores" until you have made room for the new Megaphone.
Don't forget to keep your table of Megaphones updated!

This field also has special meaning if the Object is a ToyBox; it indicates the 'team' that owns the ToyBox ... values 0, 1, 2 or 3.
This is most important for 'Battlez' Custom Levelz.
Points: 0 ... default
If the covered item is a Megaphone, then this field contains the ID number for the Tool, Toy or Brick that will appear in the GruntMachine on the Resource tab of the status bar.
If the covered item is a ToyBox, then this field contains the ID number for the Toy which will be found inside.
Smarts: 0 (default)
Powerup: 0 ... default (nothing under the Giant Rock)
This is the ID number of the item that will appear in the center (on the Tile replacing Tile #290) of the Giant Rock when it is broken. See Appendix:B Toolz, Toyz, Powerupz, Cursez, Miscellaneous and Spellz for the ID numbers of the items that may be placed under a Giant Rock.
Face Dir: 0 ... default
This field is used if the item underneath the Giant Rock is a timed Powerup or Curse.
This value will provide the game's default time.
Otherwise, the time is set in milliseconds, so that "30000" would set the time to 30 seconds.
If the item underneath the Giant Rock is a Scroll or a Magic Wand, then this field will contain the ID number for the Spell to be cast. (See Spellz.)
The Giant Rock should always be constructed from Tiles:
286 287 288
289 290 291
292 293 294
in that exact arrangement ... but someone alwayz managez to create one from other tilez.

Objectz on an Arrow Tile replacing Tile #290 may never be acquired! (But TimeBombz will work.)
Note: TimeBombz (Powerup: 99) placed in the center of the Giant Rock are useless if that center Tile is a Hole , raised Pyramid , 'Death Tile' or any other Tile that a grunt cannot safely walk upon. (It will never explode.)

It takes on a different appearance, depending on which graphics set (Area) is used;

1 - "Rocky Roadz" (Rock)

2 - "Gruntziclez" (Ice Formation)

3 - "Trouble In The Tropicz" (Volcano)

4 - "High On Sweetz" (Cupcake)

5 - "High Rollerz" (Dice)

6 - "Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz" (Sugar Cubez)

7 - "(The) Miniature Masterz" (Mushroomz)

8 - "Gruntz In Space" (Crystalz)

Each of the nine Tilez may be replaced with any other Tile that is valid in the graphics set. It may even be possible to place a Giant Rock under a Giant Rock! (The logics would be a nightmare to code, though!)

Because of the size of this object, it is possible to place mini-puzzlez underneath it. Until the Giant Rock is broken, none of the items or logics underneath it will be revealed (or used).

Suggestion: Lay out the nine Tiles you want to appear after the Giant Rock is broken first, exactly where you will put the Giant Rock. Then go into Object mode and place the Giant Rock logic squarely in the center (Tile #290), specifying the replacement Tile numbers. Here's how you do that.

In the lower part of the "Edit Objects" dialog box, at the right edge, there is a box titled "Other", and the first button in that box is "Rects..". Pressing the "Rects.." button will open a new

Object Rects dialog box".

Click on the link ... and read the instructionz!