Edit Objects Dialog Box
Edit box Keyword and description of use
Logic: CoveredPowerup
Score: 0 ... default
This field has special meaning if the Object enclosed is a Megaphone.
Megaphones do not behave as one would expect them to; the order in which Megaphones are used does not determine what Object will be called-for!
This field sets the order of Objects called-for, and if any Megaphone has a value of "0" in it, no Megaphone will work!
A good idea would be to create a table of Megaphones (on paper, or a Notepad-type file), showing X,Y coordinates; "Score" and Object called-for.
That way, if it became necessary to add another Megaphone, changing the sequence of Objects needed to solve the puzzle, it will be easier to change the "Score" values of affected Megaphones.
Just locate the Megaphone with the highest "Score" and add 1 to the value, working backwards to lower "Scores" until you have made room for the new Megaphone.
Don't forget to keep your table of Megaphones updated!

This field also was intended to have special meaning if the Object is a ToyBox; it indicates the 'team' that owns the ToyBox ... values 0, 1, 2 or 3.
This is most important for 'Battlez' Custom Levelz.
Points: 0 ... default
If the covered item is a Megaphone, then this field contains the ID number for the Tool, Toy or Brick that will appear in the GruntMachine on the Resource tab of the status bar.
It simply does not work to place a curse or Toy Box within a CoveredPowerup!
If the covered item is a ToyBox, then this field was intended to have special meaning, namely to contain the ID number (but it doesn't work!) for the Toy which will be found inside. Instead, what is revealed is the NOTE InGameIcon.
Smarts: 0 ... default
The Tile revealed when the diggable Tile (#195->#198) is dug up, or the breakable Tile (#77->#84) is broken, will be the default Tile. "Gruntz In Space" graphicz set, for example:
Tile #1
Tile #9
Other values (recommended maximum 302) specify the Tile number to be revealed.
Objectz on an Arrow Tile may never be acquired! (But TimeBombz will work.)
The Tile Attribute of the replacement Tile should be 'Clear' or 'User'.
(No Brickz please.)
If the revealed Tile is a Brick results are unpredictable, even with Brickz logics!
Important: An invalid Tile # will cause the game to exit!
Important: If the revealed Tile is a Switch, you must also place a TileTriggerSwitch logic in this space.
Failure to do so will cause the game to exit!
Powerup: 0 ... default
No Object will be found under the diggable/breakable Tile.
See the Powerup column of Appendix B: for the ID numberz of all of the Objects which may be placed within a CoveredPowerup.
Face Dir: 0 ... default
This field is used if the covered item is a timed Powerup or Curse.
This value will provide the game's default time.
Otherwise, the time is set in milliseconds, so that "30000" would set the time to 30 seconds.
If the covered item is a Scroll or a Magic Wand, then this field will contain the ID number for the Spell to be cast. (See Spellz.)