Tile Properties/Attributes: User
(Solid when raised, Clear when lowered)

Pyramid Tilez look the same in every graphicz set (no background changez).

Pyramidz were designed to be used in association with Switchez, with the color of the Pyramid being the same as the color of the Switch controlling it. However, the actual program instructions do not enforce the game design. It is left up to the puzzle designer to adhere to the intended use of Switchez and Pyramidz. This Manual is written to agree with the way the game was designed to work; please treat this Topic as hard and fast rules, rather than mere 'suggestions'.

Note: Pyramidz are not required to have a TileTrigger logic on them, unless the designer wants the Pyramid to change state. In other words, Pyramidz may be used strictly as decorations (most useful for this if they are in the raised position).

all Pyramidz use these fields.
Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: TileTrigger
Note: Althought it is not required, I find it highly desirable to do a CalcCowID on everything that is not EyeCandy ... and even some of those! Doing so allowz you (the Designer) to right-click on any logic and immediately know the X and Y coordinatez of that object. This is very helpful in entering SecretTeleporterTrigger valuez!
Object Rects
Move rect: Left ID number of the first Switch that controls this Pyramid.

Note: Whenever more than one Switch will affect a Pyramid, fill in as many additional "rects" fields as required.
Suggested order: left to right, top to bottom in the 4 across, 6 down array of "rects" fields.

213 Raised CheckPoint Pyramid (Silver and Black checkerboard pattern)
214 Lowered CheckPoint Pyramid (Silver and Black checkerboard pattern)
215 The CheckPoint Switch(ez) control(z) these Pyramidz. 216 , satisfied.

245 Raised Silver Pyramid
246 Lowered Silver Pyramid
243 The Silver Timer Switch controlz these Pyramidz. 244 , Grunt standing on it.

247 Raised Orange Pyramid
248 Lowered Orange Pyramid
Both raised (Tile #239) and depressed (Tile #240) Switchez must exist for each set of Orange Switchez and Orange Pyramidz, if the Pyramidz are to be toggled! Also, there must be both raised and lowered Orange Pyramidz in each set.
239 Orange Switch togglez all associated Orange Pyramidz.
It also togglez all associated inactive Switchez into the active state!
240 Inactive Orange Switch

249 Raised Black Pyramid
250 Lowered Black Pyramid
217 Black One-Time Switch controlz these Pyramidz. 218 , used.

Note: Switchez for the following Pyramidz have a straight (hold) or curved (toggle) arrow on them.
251 Raised Green Pyramid
252 Lowered Green Pyramid
229 Green Toggle Switch 230 , Grunt standing on it.
231 Green Hold Switch 232 , Grunt standing on it.

Note: Only one Red Pyramid needs to have Red Switch IDs in the 'Rects:' fields ... but it must have the IDs of all of the Red Switchez in the entire puzzle. (Every Red Pyramid in the puzzle will be affected by any Red Switch!)
253 Raised Red Pyramid
254 Lowered Red Pyramid
233 Red Toggle Switch 234 , Grunt standing on it.
235 Red Hold Switch 236 , Grunt standing on it.

255 Raised Purple Pyramid
256 Lowered Purple Pyramid
Note: Purple Switchez have the outline of two Gruntz on them.
237 Purple Switch(ez) control(s) these Pyramidz. 238 , Grunt standing on it.
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Tiles used in sets for every graphics set * Rocks * Holes/Mounds * Arrows * Bridge Tiles * Stairs * Landing Areas * Giant Rocks
Useless or invalid for every graphics set * 37-38 * Invalid
Same for every graphics set * 215-244 * 245-256 * 301-302 * 303-329