Arrowz (direction controlz)
Tile Properties/Attributes: User
Whenever a Grunt steps on an Arrow, he must travel in the direction the Arrow is pointing!
When a Rolling Rock (of any kind) enterz an Arrow , it continuez to move in that new direction until it reachez another Arrow , or a Death Tile of some sort.
Toggled Arrowz (Tilez 201 through 204 ) are controlled by Switchez 221 and 223 , and require logics.
In most of the graphics sets, these tiles look best within the light colored tiles 1-8.
Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: TileTrigger
Object Rectangles Dialog Box
Move rect: Left ID number of the Switch affecting the Arrow.
Any of the "Move rect:" boxez may be used to specify Switch IDz ... but starting with the first box, top left, and moving right before moving down is preferred.

Tile Arrow Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
201 Toggled Arrowz
Toggled north->south
202 Toggled south->north
203 Toggled west->east
204 Toggled east->west

205 "permanent" Arrowz
always north
206 always south
207 always west
208 always east

209 Intersection Arrow
pass through
If a Grunt steps onto the intersection Arrow on the diagonal, that Grunt is permanently stuck on that Arrow!
(Strong) suggestion: never place any Tile where a Grunt (the solver, really) has a choice for a next move to the northwest, northeast, southeast or southwest (on the diagonal) to an intersection Tile.
* 1-36* 39-76 * 90-95 * 99-140 * 142-181 * 191-194 * 199-200 * 267-269
Tiles used in sets for every graphics set * Rocks * Holes/Mounds * Arrows * Bridge Tiles * Stairs * Landing Areas * Giant Rocks
Useless or invalid for every graphics set * 37-38 * Invalid
Same for every graphics set 215-244 * 245-256 * 301-302 * 303-329