Gulliez and Plateauz

Tile Properties/Attributes: Solid

Descriptions are for a Gully; for a Plateau, the opposite direction description is (usually) proper.

Not all of these Tile numbers exist in every graphics set, and the appearance of Tilez varies by Tile number from set to set.

Area 8 (Gruntz In Space) is used in the following table to govern where Tile numbers will be placed for each graphics Area. Whereever a Tile number does not exist for a given area, an error will appear.

Graphics Area number
Tile 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Description of the Tile's Appearance
39 NorthWest/South & East corner (right angle)
40 NorthWest/SouthEast corner (diagonal)
41 North/South wall
42 North/South wall
43 NorthEast/SouthWest corner (diagonal)
44 NorthEast/South & East corner (right angle)
45 NorthWest/SouthEast corner (diagonal)
46 NorthWest/SouthEast corner (short diagonal)
47 North/South & East corner (right angle)
48 North/South & West corner (right angle)
49 NorthEast/SouthWest corner (diagonal)
50 NorthEast/SouthWest corner (short diagonal)
51 West/East wall
52 West/East wall (shadow NorthEast)
53 NorthWest/SouthEast diagonal (bends North)
54 NorthEast/SouthWest diagonal (bends North)
55 East/West wall (bends NorthWest diagonal)
56 East/West wall
57 West/East wall
58 West/East wall
59 SouthWest/NorthEast corner (short diagonal)
60 SouthEast/NorthWest corner (short diagonal)
61 East/West wall
62 East/West wall
63 SouthWest/NorthEast corner (diagonal)
64 SouthWest/NorthEast corner (short diagonal)
65 South/North & East corner (right angle)
66 South/North & West corner (right angle)
67 SouthEast/NorthWest corner (short diagonal)
68 SouthEast/NorthWest corner (diagonal)
69 SouthWest/NorthEast corner (right angle) wall (bends North)
70 West/East wall
71 South/North wall
72 South/North wall
73 South/North wall
74 SouthEast/NorthWest corner wall (bends North)
75 South/North wall
76 South/North wall
Note that in creating these Tilez, the graphicz artist usually chose a single 'normal' Ground Tile as a basis, and made changez from there. (In most graphicz setz, Tilez #41 & #42 have no appreciable difference.)
  • 51=57=58
  • 56=61=62
  • 67=68 (in Gruntz In Space)
  • 70=71=72=73
  • 75=76
So there is much room for providing more variety in the Tilez! (Ten duplicationz in thirty-eight Tilez.)

The "High Rollerz" graphicz set is an extremely difficult set of Tilez to make look 'good'. Each Tile has a 'solid' edge band, and a 'divided' edge band. It is quite a problem to 'mate' Tilez so that solid meetz solid, and divided meetz divided everywhere in a Gully or Plateau. In the provided Tile set, Tile #65 has its 'solid' edge extend too far toward the top, so it does not 'mate' properly with piecez such as Tilez #70 through #73.
... and there is no 'light colored' version of Tilez #70 through #73.