Foundation and Construction Tilez
Tile Properties/Attributes: User
301 ... Foundation for Brick-laying.
Oddly enough, even though Brickz may be built upon this Tile, it does not require any Brickz logics! Brickz laid upon this Tile, when broken, do not cause the game to exit, as happens when a Brick (Tilez 303->329) without Brickz logic is broken.

302 ... Grey Pyramid (construction stand).
This is an unbreakable, immovable object. A "Secret" may replace this object temporarily, to allow a Grunt to pass over the space, but there are few other options a solver has.
It is used as an obstacle, and for that purpose workz better than an Impassable Tile , because a Grunt cannot pass it on the diagonal.

The Grunt has to pass over two Spikez Tilez, and one of the lowered Black Pyramidz to go from the Yellow Toggle Switch to the Blue Toggle Switch.
If the were a instead, the Grunt could move directly from the Yellow Toggle Switch to either lowered Black Pyramid, to the Blue Toggle Switch.
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Tiles used in sets for every graphics set * Rocks * Holes/Mounds * Arrows * Bridge Tiles * Stairs * Landing Areas * Giant Rocks
Useless or invalid for every graphics set * 37-38 * Invalid
Same for every graphics set * 215-244 * 245-256 * 301-302 * 303-329