Tile Properties/Attributes

Clear Gruntz will walk on (into?) these Tilez. (Examples: Tiles #1->#36)
Solid Gruntz cannot go here (and survive) (Examples: Tiles #39->#76)
Ground There don't appear to be any of these.
Climb There don't appear to be any of these (but I would think that Stairwayz should have this attribute).
Death Bye-bye Grunt! (Examples: Tiles #99->#140)
User User action determines what happens. (Examples: Tiles #257 & #258; Water bridge up & down.)
The Water Tilez are coded as "User", but most of them should be coded as "Death".
Perhapz the Wingz Tool requirez "User", for flying restrictionz.
Only the 'pure' Water Tilez should have the Tile Attribute of "User".
'User' Tilez may be considered:
  • 'Clear' (raised Bridge, lowered Pyramid)
  • 'Death' (submerged Bridge) or
  • 'Solid' (raised Pyramid).