No. X Y Callz for a Grunt Where you may acquire them
1 74 19 Shovel Springz #3 In plain sight just south of the bottom of the SudokuTM puzzle.
2 51 44 Boomerang Springz #2 Found in plain sight on a Bridge Tile within the Bad Water Toggling Bridge maze.
3 26 79 Springz Shovel #4 In plain sight on a Red Hold Switch (RHS) in the area with Red Pyramidz (RP) spelling out
4 73 34 Bricklayer's Kit Shovel #2 Digz it up from a Hole .
5 37 70 Springz Shovel #4 Hidden behind a Tree in the area with RPz spelling out
6 2 7 TimeBombz Gravity Bootz #8
or Springz #3
Found in plain sight just east of the Assembly area.
7 78 6 Spy Gear Bricklayer #3 Found in plain sight on a CheckPoint Switch (CPS) within the SudokuTM puzzle.
8 21 38 Springz Boxing Glovez #6 Found in plain sight north of GRUNTZ, guarded by three enemy gruntz .
Note: It does not matter which Megaphone you acquire and use first! The objectz will be called for in the listed order.
In this Custom Level, it is possible (intentionally designed that way, so the solver can "go wrong, go wrong") to use the objectz called for in other than in the intended solving sequence. If you find that you have failed to pick up and use a Megaphone, you will have to go back to a previous SAVE (hopefully not all the way back to the beginning) and keep Grumley, the keeper of the GruntzMachine (Resourcez) on his toez!