ID Imagez Name Play
Mobile? Cheat Code
23 Baby-Walker 9 Yes gerber
24 Beach Ball 26 No theball
25 Monster Wheel 27 Yes wheeliez
26 Go-Kart 28 Yes malibugrandprix
27 Jack-In-The-Box 24 No ultimatecheeseburger
28 Jumprope 19 No getinshape
29 Pogo-stick 8 Yes boingee
30 Scroll variez No magicpaper
31 Squeak Toy 19 No mousey
32 Yo-Yo 8 No lametoy
Generally speaking, the Designer would give short duration Toyz to enemy Gruntz to give to the solver's own gruntz.
Similarly, give long duration (perhapz mobile) Toyz for solverz' Gruntz to give to enemy gruntz.

There are timez when you want the Toy to break quickly (in your own Grunt's handz) ...
so you give him a mobile Toy ... but no place to go!

A Suicide Bomber will even stop in his kamikaze run ... to play with a Toy.