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Secret Level(z)

This patch is for Gruntz v1.0 (English language only)
Applying this patch will change German, Spanish, etc. into English text!

The 'bug' of Goo Puddlez disappearing from a Hole or Mound when dug has been fixed.

Gruntz101.exe (993Kb)

The Gruntz 1.01 patch addresses the following issues:

Fixed not being able to get through a couple of levels in "Easy Mode".
Fixed a few other miscellaneous level bugs.
Saved games that were saved in version 1.00 will still work in version 1.01
EXCEPT for games that were saved in any of the following levels:
World 4, Level 3 "You Take The High Road And I'll Take The Low"
World 5, Level 3 "Back From The Dead And Into The Pool"
World 6, Level 4 "With Four Gruntz, You Can Take On The World!"
World 7, Level 2 "Save That Squeak Toy!"
World 7, Level 3 "Golf Anyone?"
World 8, Level 1 "Use Those Sponge Gunz"
World 8, Level 3 "Could Someone Get Those Purple Switchez For Me?" (2Kb)

Set Gruntz screen resolution patch

  1. Completely quit the Gruntz program
  2. To set the screen resolution to 800x600 double-click on:
    • Gruntz800xp.reg (for Windows XP)
    • or Gruntz800vista.reg (for Windows Vista)
  3. To set the screen resolution to 1024x768 double-click on:
    • Gruntz1024xp.reg (for Windows XP)
    • or Gruntz1024vista.reg (for Windows Vista)
  4. A Dialog Box will appear:
  5. Are you sure you want to add information in Gruntzxxx.reg to the registry?
  6. Click "Yes"
  7. Information in Gruntzxxx.reg has been successfully entered into the registry
  8. Click "OK"
  9. Now you can start the Gruntz program
Remember that changing the resolution in the Gruntz optionz menu always
will set the resolution to 640x480 no matter what

Regards, Paul

Modified for Windows Vista by alexandgruntz (
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