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  • Start with one gauntletz grunt , pick up resurrection scroll , use it, revive two bare-handed gruntz
  • Two bare-handed gruntz each drink a Bottle of Zap Cola and step on purple switchez
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz past purple pyramidz
    • breakz dice , revealing two toobz
    • takez the place of one bare-handed grunt so he can get a toob.
  • Toob grunt takez the place on a purple switch of the bare-handed grunt , so that he can pick up his toob
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz down, breakz

      large dice, revealing

    • stepz on the '1' switch revealed
  • Pool #1:
    • Gauntletz grunt and both toobz gruntz go to bottom pool, one toob grunt lurez enemy grunt onto the landing area, and all three gruntz 'gang up' to kill enemy grunt
    • One toob grunt stepz on yellow hold switch
    • Gauntletz grunt walkz up, past beginning area, breakz dice (one containz a Can of Zap Cola), walkz up a bit further and breakz another die (the other three dice only reveal spikez ), walkz through spikez , stepz on '1' switch
  • Pool #2:
    • Both toobz gruntz go to the next pool up, each drink a Bottle of Zap Cola and 'gang up' (see tacticz of Pool #1) to kill enemy grunt , one (in better health) usez the megaphone -- pogostick , other (poorer health) drinkz a Bottle of Zap Cola and stepz on yellow hold switch
    • Gauntletz grunt
      • takez pogostick from the GruntzMachine (Resourcez)
      • walkz past two-way Arrow , avoiding missilez from enemy gruntz
      • givez pogostick to enemy grunt (who jumpz into a hole )
      • stepz on CheckPoint Switch
      • retreatz to a safe place until two-way arrow is switched .
  • Pool #3:
    • Both toobz gruntz go to next upper pool.
      Tacticz are a bit different here:
      one toobz grunt (the leader) goez from landing area to purple multi-grunt switch (pmgs) to landing area
      lurez enemy toob grunt into chasing him and returnz to the pmgs (and smirkz, when enemy grunt is squished by the rolling 8-ball )
      stepz on the green toggle switch
      other toobz grunt standz on first purple switch
      lead toobz grunt standz on yellow hold switch
      gauntletz grunt goez past two-way Arrow , stepz on '1' switch
    • Lead toobz gruntz standz on the other purple switch
    • Gauntletz grunt walkz past purple pyramidz , standz in front of green pyramidz
  • Pool #4:
    • Both toobz gruntz go to next upper pool, 'gang up' (see tacticz of Pool #1) to kill enemy grunt
      the toobz gruntz in better health stepz on the blue toggle switch
      the other toob grunt drinkz the Bottle of Zap Cola
    • Gauntletz grunt walkz across bridge
      drinkz Bottle of Zap Cola (if he needz it)
      crossez next bridge and breakz dice ( are only obstaclez)
      the Bottle of Zap Cola that was revealed is for whichever grunt is most in need of the refreshment. (Perhapz after some more work is done.)
    • Gauntletz grunt pickz up 'roidz powerup , killz four enemy gruntz , breakz all dice (careful ... some are explosive!)
    • One toobz grunt exitz pool (following gauntletz), losez his toob. The other grunt will be left behind.
    • Gauntletz grunt and the bare-handed grunt go to CheckPoint Switchez .
  • Have you SAVEd recently?
  • Both gruntz walk past six rolling 8-ballz , avoiding the two spot-litez (there are a couple of 'safe' spotz to stand)
  • Bare-handed grunt usez megaphone behind tree -- shovel ... takez it when it is cranked out.
  • Gauntletz grunt (carefully!) breakz dice
  • Shovel grunt digz up moundz , pickz up coin #1 , uncoverz '?' switch
  • Secret #1:
    • One grunt (no tool requirementz) needz to be positioned just below '?' switch , at the edge of the lake
    • The other grunt stepz on '?' switch
      1. grunt walkz (quickly!) across the path appearing over the water
      2. walkz back to the edge of the lake
      3. walkz across the path diagonally to the coinz
      4. pickz up four coinz (#2 #3 #4 & #5)
      5. walkz back to the edge of lake
      6. wait
      7. walk across path appearing over the water
      8. follow the path down
      9. wait
      10. then walk up and across path to the right to get back on shore
  • The Labyrinth:
    • Shovel grunt stepz on/off red hold switch
    • Gauntletz grunt
      • enter maze, walkz south (with shovel grunt cooperating) to step on green toggle switch
      • returnz to entrance, walkz east, breakz die
      • takez freeze scroll (Toy #1)
      • breakz die , stepz on '1' switch
      • returnz near the entrance and standz on red hold switch .
    • Shovel grunt enterz maze, takez over on red hold switch
    • Gauntletz grunt
      • usez freeze scroll
      • killz two Defenderz and one Object Guard
      • leavez warpstone where it is, for now
      • walkz around fort to lower left corner by yellow arrow
    • Secret #2:
      • Red wormhole will open
      • Gauntletz grunt quickly walkz up, to the left, into red wormhole
      • landz on springz ... and now needz to go through holez , spikez and trapdoorz maze to pick up coin #6 and warpletter
      • Springz grunt In the following diagram, follow the numeric sequence, making sure that your grunt stopz only on green squares.  Other squarez in the sequence are trap doorz, so time your jumpz accordingly. Also, this sequence will take you to either the coin or the warpletter; after you get one, you will have to spring back up and then spring down to get the other.
        (This is the actual maze, showing the path.)
        Reverse the sequence to get out of this maze , and then enter the red wormhole to return. (You'll have to lose the springz.)
    • Bare-handed grunt pickz up warpstone
  • Warpstone grunt bringz warpstone to King
Statz Page
Survivorz 3
Deathz 0
Toolz 4
Toyz 3
Powerupz 1
Coinz 6
Secretz 2
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