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  • Start with two bare-handed gruntz and (trapped) two sword gruntz and a club grunt .
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up the gravity bootz (Tool #1).
  • Gravity bootz grunt walkz toward the green hold switch .
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • When Gravity bootz grunt is almost to the green hold switch
    • walkz over the (now lowered) green pyramid
    • stepz on the black one-time switch (lowerz two black pyramidz south of the bridge)
    • then walkz toward the arrowz
  • Gravity bootz grunt
    • hitz the black one-time switch on the left (lowerz two black pyramidz north of the bridge)
    • waitz on the spikez opposite the arrowz
    • (his health is not important, he diez anyway).
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • crossez the arrowz between four enemy gruntz
    • passez black pyramidz toward the moving bridge
    • In the middle of the bridge just walk into the water toward the orange up/down switch (Orange Switch #1)
    • Throughout this level you have to hit a total of six orange up/down switchez to reach the '?' switch
    • After hitting the switch, walk back to the bridge and go between four more enemy gruntz to the CheckPoint Switch
    • Leave the spongegun for the gravity bootz grunt
  • Gravity bootz grunt quickly getz to the sponge gun (Tool #2).
  • Spongegun grunt
    • shootz the right enemy grunt into the hole
    • walkz to the single arrow near the orange up/down switch
    • as the enemy grunt is ready to shoot, stepz on the arrow and when the shot arrivez, stepz on it again
    • he will be shot onto the orange up/down switch (Orange Switch #2)
    • then shootz the left enemy grunt into the hole
    • shootz the bare-handed grunt over the arrow by shooting at the arrow, as the bare-handed grunt stepz onto the arrow ... to the gauntletz (Tool #3) ... and together they hit the CheckPoint Switchez
  • Gauntletz grunt crossez over the upper part of the breakable bridge and waitz in front of the arrow
  • Spongegun grunt
    • Sacrificez himself; he walkz over the yellow toggle switch toward the end of the bridge and shootz at the arrow (certain death #1)
    • It may be possible for the spongegun grunt to move next to the arrow where the gauntletz were, and shoot at the empty space below the arrow and have the gauntletz grunt step into space, to arrive at the same place.
    • Don't do it, even if you can!
    • Later on, you will have one too many active gruntz (one in the wrong place, where he doez absolutely no good) and be unable to add a grunt where you need one. Then you will have to come back to this grunt, and send him off into space anyway ... after you have re-played from your last SAVE.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • crossez the toggling bridge to the Landing area
    • waitz on the green hold switch until the rock has passed the green pyramid
    • Pass the black pyramidz and lava geyserz
    • break the four rock crystalz , revealing a blue toggle switch
    • step on the switch and proceed to the platform with the single enemy grunt
    • kill him, break the rock crystalz , and step on the black one-time switch
    • walk back and proceed past rolling rockz to the next bridge
    • break all the rock crystalz , step on the two black one-time switchez
    • (it is possible to kill two of the enemy gruntz , but it is not necessary, as you will not be able to get their goo )W
    • walk over the lava geyserz and the spikez
    • break the hidden rock crystal under the telescope
    • step on the orange up/down switch (Orange Switch #3) that was under the rock crystal
    • pass the rockz, hit the CheckPoint Switch
    • wait on the red hold switch .
  • Two sword gruntz step on the purple multi-grunt switchez .
  • Club grunt walkz to the left green hold switch beneath the UFO.
  • Gauntletz grunt walkz up, passez the UFO and two lava geyserz
  • Club grunt stepz on the right green hold switch
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • Passez the last arrowz and pickz up the coin #1
    • drinkz a Bottle of refreshing Zap Cola
    • (he won't need the Can and Bottle in the next area)
    • stepz on the silver timer switch and goez toward the stairz on the left
    • pass the rolling rockz and enter the blue wormhole
    • step on the blue toggle switch
    • With your scroll tucked under your arm, and your magic wand held tight, you weave your way under the UFO.
    • Oh wait! That must be one of the version 1.0 errorz ... no magic wand, and no scroll.
    • wait near the pool
  • Club grunt walkz back to the stairz, followed by the two sword gruntz
  • All three gruntz pass the rolling rockz
  • Two sword gruntz
    • go east across the two-lane bridge with thirteen raised bridge tilez, and four toggling bridge tilez per 'lane', criss-crossed by three rolling rockz
    • Both stop at the far landing area
    • the northern one stepz diagonally north, luring one enemy grunt toward him
    • stepz back onto the landing area, and (working together) they turn him into a (usable!) goo puddle
    • repeat the process (southerly) for enemy grunt #2
    • Then simply charge right in to get rid of enemy grunt #3
    • One grunt usez the megaphone -- toob (Tool #4)
    • (give the toob to the gauntletz grunt and have him start paddling)
    • while the other headz for the stairway blocked by red pyramidz ... climbs into the platform when they go down
    • the other grunt then joinz him, and they refresh themselvez with as much Zap Cola as they need
    • both gruntz then go down the other (southwestern) stairway and make their way past the rolling rockz and toward the northwest.
  • Club grunt (at the proper time) stepz on the upper arrow make his way past the rolling rockz and toward the northwest.
  • Club grunt joinz the two sword gruntz at the stairway.
  • Two sword gruntz and Club grunt
    • One grunt (for example, ) approachez the stairz, lurez one of the enemy gruntz toward you and together attack him.
    • Repeat for the other two enemy gruntz .
    • When all three enemy gruntz are killed, head toward the downed spaceship and line up three abreast.
    • The center grunt approachez the enemy gruntz , luring both into attacking.
    • Back in a line, you gang up and turn both of them into (not very usable) goo puddlez .
    • One sword grunt usez the megaphone -- shovel (Tool #5)
    • The other sword grunt standz on a purple multi-grunt switch .
    • The other sword grunt standz on the other purple multi-grunt switch .
    • The club grunt takez the shovel from the GruntzMachine.
  • Toob grunt
    • Swimz around the island, getz the keg of Zap Cola
    • stepz on the black one-time switch
    • enterz the blue wormhole
    • hitz the yellow toggle switch (releasing a rolling rock )
    • stepz on the arrow just as the circling rock hitz the upper row
    • walkz toward the next yellow toggle switch (which sendz the rolling rock off to the right)
    • stepz back and then forward again onto the arrowz
    • hitz the yellow toggle switch in the middle of the next corridor
    • waitz until the rock has passed the two-way arrow
    • getz the gauntletz Tool #6
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • Stepz on the lowered red pyramidz , waitz a moment, then on the spikez until the pyramidz go down again (five timez)
    • breakz the

      giant rock crystal, which revealz

    • hitz the black one-time switch
    • smashez the hidden rock crystal
    • hitz the orange up/down switch (Orange Switch #4)
    • getz the wingz Tool #7
  • Wingz grunt
    • walkz around the space and hitz the green toggle switch behind the rolling rock
    • walkz past the lowered green pyramidz to either landing area
    • right click on the orange up/down switch (Orange Switch #5)
    • getz the gauntletz Tool #8 (dumb! he never usez them!) and walkz back on crumbling bridge tilez .
  • Gauntletz grunt getz the goober straw Tool #9, hitz the CheckPoint Switch and waitz
  • Shovel grunt
    • killz the two enemy gruntz
    • proceedz toward the island surrounded by Purple Pyramidz
    • pickz up the megaphone -- gauntletz (Tool #10)
    • waitz on the green hold switch
  • Give the gauntletz from the resourcez to one of the sword gruntz
  • Gauntletz grunt

    • breakz the giant rock crystal,
      which revealz

    • returnz to the purple multi-grunt switch
  • Sword grunt pickz up the shield (Tool #11) and returnz to the purple multi-grunt switchez as well
  • Shovel grunt leavez the island again
  • All three ... Shovel , Gauntletz and Shield gruntz walk back toward the rolling rockz
  • Shovel grunt fillz in all the holez in the rolling rock area
  • All three gruntz proceed to their CheckPoint Switchez
  • Shovel grunt
    • enterz the moving pyramidz maze
    • stepz on the black one-time switch , opposite the stairz
    • next the black one-time switch in the center
    • then the upper right black one-time switch
    • finally the black one-time switch on the left
    • leavez the maze, digz up the moundz under the rolling rockz
    • stepz on the black one-time switch beneath the UFO
    • goez past the lowered black pyramidz and up the nearest stairway.
    • fillz in the holez in front of the black one-time switch
    • drinkz a Can of Zap Cola and stepz on the black one-time switch
    • walkz to the right past the lowered black pyramidz
    • usez up the megaphone -- Beach Ball (Toy #2)
    • fillz the lower hole in front of the silver pyramidz
    • (neither hole has anything valuable)
  • Shield grunt and the gauntletz grunt walk to the pyramidz near the Shovel grunt
  • Straw grunt , Shield grunt , Gauntletz grunt and Shovel grunt
    • Straw hitz the silver timer switch for each grunt
    • one by one they walk through the silver pyramidz maze
    • first grunt (doesn't matter which of the three)
      • takez the Beach Ball from the resourcez
      • usez up the megaphone -- Yo-yo Toy #3)
      • goez downstairz and across the bottom to another megaphone -- Squeak Toy Toy #4)
      • standz opposite the Beach Ball CheckPoint Switch .
    • second grunt (doesn't matter which of the two remaining)
      • takez the Yo-yo from the resourcez
      • goez downstairz and across the bottom to stand opposite the Yo-yo CheckPoint Switch .
    • last grunt
      • takez the Squeak Toy from the resourcez
      • goez downstairz and across the bottom to stand opposite the Squeak Toy CheckPoint Switch .
    • when the UFO startz moving to the left
      • put the squeak toy grunt on the CheckPoint Switch
      • the yo-yo grunt on his CheckPoint Switch
      • finally hit the Beach Ball CheckPoint Switch
      • move back immediately, also move your other gruntz back again
    • They all proceed toward the three purple multi-grunt switchez
  • Straw grunt
    • With the purple pyramidz lowered , hitz the black one-time switch
    • suckz four goo puddlez melted under the UFO.
    • frivolous waste of time
      • There are three Goo puddlez (formerly ) in the room southwest of the Silver Pyramidz
      • two Goo puddlez (formerly ) at the south end of the pond
      • three Goo puddlez (formerly ) on the platform at the far west
      • and (finally) two Goo puddlez (formerly ) near two purple multi-grunt pyramidz
      • How many gruntz (goo enough for three plus to bake) do you think you can use?
      • Is it worth the time to go all that way (and back!) for the goo?
    • returnz to the silver pyramidz
  • One of the other gruntz hitz the silver timer switch and the straw grunt walkz through the silver pyramid maze
  • Add new grunt (only one to a customer, please)
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • pickz up the toob Tool #11
    • and then the baby-walker Toy #5
    • to get out, he must step on the black one-time switch
    • which lowerz the black pyramidz in front of him
    • and raisez those behind him!
    • (New gruntz cannot enter the game play area.)
  • Shovel grunt
    • proceedz to the platform with the four purple multi-grunt switchez
    • fillz all the holez and waitz on one of the switchez
  • Put Toob , Straw and Shield on the purple multi-grunt switchez
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz the rock crystalz (all containing a keg of Zap Cola )
      which he can reach without taking more than one keg
      (he probably doesn't need any refreshmentz)
    • walkz toward the center, stepz on one of the arrowz and getz the resurrection scroll Toy #6
    • usez the scroll (and you get ten more gruntz); you need to have fifteen gruntz
  • One by one the gruntz
    • take a keg of Zap Cola
    • get a tool (for example ) Toolz #12 through #21
    • and a toy (for example ) Toyz #7 through #16
  • Position your GunHat grunt near the entrance of the pyramid maze, and kill two enemy gruntz from there
  • Move all your gruntz to the final CheckPoint Switch area
  • Position the gunhat grunt opposite the enemy grunt and you can kill him before the CheckPoint Pyramidz go down
  • When the battle is over you need at least seven gruntz to finish the game; definitely need gauntletz grunt , shovel grunt and (usually) spongegun grunt , so position them on the last three platez
  • If the battle doez not go so well, there is no way to bake some new gruntz and get them into the game in order to get the required seven, so the straw grunt should not be one of the 'final four'
  • Put sword grunt , club grunt , rockz grunt and gun hat gruntz in front (the boomerang grunt is less than worthless in the upcoming melee ... harmz more buddiez than enemiez. Place him in the row of three CheckPoint Switchez just in front of your three required gruntz, to defend them)
  • Use your toyz and attack one enemy gruntz with two of your gruntz
  • When the pyramidz go down, give one enemy a toy and together kill the other one
  • Fill all fifteen CheckPoint Switchez and let the battle begin.
  • After the battle is over, 8 of your 15 may be Goo Puddlez (Deathz #4 through #11).
  • Put four gruntz (preferably not Gauntletz grunt , Shovel grunt , spongegun grunt or Warpstone grunt ) on the four purple multi-grunt switchez around the castle (if eight or more survived the melee, leave them there for the rest of the game)
  • Shovel grunt enterz the narrow corridor toward the telescope and hidden behind the third stack of cratez he digz up the last orange up/down switch (Orange Switch #6)
  • Step on the orange up/down switch , walk back and fill the two holez near the castle
  • One of the other gruntz (the gravity bootz grunt would be an excellent choice!) pickz up the warpstone and waitz near the CheckPoint Switch at the eastern point
  • Gauntletz grunt collectz the seven coinz (#2 through #8) around the castle and breakz the hidden rock crystal behind the last three pilez of cratez, to reveal the '?' switch which givez access to the red warp.
    Ideally, he will be the grunt to step on the switch, and doesn't have to be part of "the away team".
  • Before hitting the secret ? switch gather five gruntz (but it can be done with just four, if you use the bridge) in front of the CheckPoint Pyramidz
  • This must include the sponge grunt (not necessary, in the four gruntz solution) and the warpstone grunt
  • If you didn't close the holez along the rolling rockz, take the shovel grunt with you. (If you didn't fill them in, and have no shovel grunt ... it may be "re-start time!" The four grunt solution is easiest if one of two holez (on either side of a certain arrow ) along the southern edge of the rolling rockz area be filled in . That makez for a shorter, safer walk on the bridge.)
  • Don't take the gravity bootz grunt in the five grunt solution ...
    you cannot shoot him over the arrow (but he may take a detour)
  • When the CheckPoint Pyramid openz , walk down and pass the rolling rockz toward the red warp
  • Besidez the Warpstone grunt , two gruntz (no special tool requirementz) are required to stand on purple multi-grunt switchez and one grunt (no special tool requirement) is required to trigger the red warp (certain death #2). The Warpstone grunt goez through the red warp, where he will hit the CheckPoint Switch , get the warpletter, collect the coin #9 and enter the return red warp
  • When the warpstone gruntz has returned from the red warp, he (and the Gauntletz grunt , if in the group) walk back to the battle field and enter the green wormhole on the right
  • After returning from the red warp put some gruntz on the four purple multi-grunt switchez (again, if necessary)
  • Gauntletz grunt walkz back to the castle and breakz the center brickz of the lower row. (He's killed ... certain death #3.)
  • Warpstone grunt bringz warpstone to King.
  • Fewest possible survivorz ... 5; most possible survivorz ... 13.
Statz Page
Survivorz 10 (5-13)
Deathz 8 (3-12)
Toolz 22
Toyz 16
Powerupz 0
Coinz 9
Secretz 2
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