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The little movie to the left is a link to the Forum, where there are on-going discussionz of 648(+) Gruntz puzzlez available for ! ! (link)
(Refresh your browser cache to see the latest version of these pagez!)
Gruntz is a combination of puzzle solving, action, and strategy.
It's also frustrating, goofy, funny, and totally addictive!
The world has pronounced the game 'abandonware', and now it may be acquired from GooRoo for little more than the cost of materials!
Included with the CD-ROM (LightScribe labeled) is a DVD with all of the Custom Level Questz and Battlez available at the time of order.
Distributed in a slimline 2 disc jewel case for just $20 (United States dollars).
Only available by 'Snail Mail' due to the large size of the package (almost 4Gb!). Automatic install only available on computers with 16 bit compatability.
The DVD contains instructions for manual installation in a "ReadMe.txt" file.

Follow the linkz to learn the story of the Gruntz and the Disgruntled,
general playing tipz, and game walkthroughz of 32 puzzlez.

The red Grunt to the left showz you the major section of the web site of the page you are now viewing.

On some of the pagez (walk-throughz, primarily) you will see a string of flagz across and near the top of the page. All but one of them will look like this: ... those are placez you can move to from the page you are on. One flag lookz like this: ... marking the page you are viewing at the time.

With the Gruntz Level Editor (ZIPped file) and the GLE Manual (HTML),
you can create your own Gruntz Custom puzzlez!

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