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Stage 2

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  • Start with 2 bare-handed gruntz .
  • use megaphone - club (Tool #1).
  • Bare-handed grunt takez the club.
  • Club grunt stepz on Black One-Time Switch .
  • walkz to the left, and up to
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up straw (Tool #2).
  • Club grunt and Straw grunt kill the enemy grunt .
  • Straw grunt
    • suckz goo (1 of 4)
    • walkz back to wait by the lowered Black Pyramidz.
  • Club grunt standz on silver timer switch
  • Straw grunt walkz through silver pyramidz , and stopz in middle safe area.
  • Club grunt killz enemy grunt , then walkz around and stepz on silver timer switch to release straw grunt
  • Straw grunt walkz around and past the enemy grunt .
  • Club grunt and Straw grunt
    • kill the enemy grunt .
    • improve their health with Zap Cola
    • kill another enemy grunt .
  • Straw grunt suckz three goo puddlez , bakez new grunt
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • usez megaphone - toob
    • stepz on Black One-Time Switch
    • takez the toob (Tool #3).
  • One grunt stepz on the green toggle switch .
  • Toob grunt walkz to edge of water.
  • Club grunt and Straw grunt stand on purple switchez
  • Toob grunt
    • enterz water, and goez up and to the left to the CheckPoint Switch
    • stepz on blue toggle switch
    • stepz on green toggle switch
    • walkz to silver timer switch (and losez toob).
  • Bare-handed grunt standz on silver timer switch (twice?), Club grunt and Straw grunt walk through silver pyramidz
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • walkz across, usez megaphone - gauntletz
    • takez gauntletz (Tool #4).
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • stepz on green toggle switch
    • breakz sugar cubez and pickz up Coin #1 .
  • Club grunt and Gauntletz grunt
    • step on CheckPoint Switchez
    • Gauntletz grunt
    • both walk across outletz
    • one stepz on green toggle switch by slime
    • the other walkz up, past the green pyramidz
    • walkz through the slime and stepz on Black One-Time Switch
    • the other walkz by the black pyramidz
    • walk through the outletz /olivez.
  • Club grunt walkz to CheckPoint Switch
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • stepz on yellow toggle switch
    • startz walking down, as soon as the black pyramid dropz
    • stayz in front of the olive
    • stepz on the Black One-Time Switch to break the olive
    • breakz sugar cubez, then stepz on red hold switch .
  • Club grunt
    • walkz past red pyramidz
    • getz the bomb grunt to breakz the sugar cube
    • stepz on the green hold switch to break olive
    • killz two enemy gruntz
    • Secret #1:
      • activatez the red wormhole by standing on the middle square between the four arrowz on the plateau
      • walkz down, pickz up springz (Tool #5)
      • I've heard that you can spring over to the Black One-Time Switch and beat the olive, but I never could do it. So, instead, spring up and to the left, and you will find spikez ; use them to break the springz.
        1. walk (back) to just above the yellow toggle switch
        2. click on the Arrow
        3. take one step either east or south
        4. click on the Arrow far to the east as fast as you can, to start walking (springing?) toward the Black One-Time Switch
        5. four (or three) stepz before you actually reach that Arrow , click on the Black One-Time Switch
      • If you kept the springz, omit step #3
      • pickz up warpletter and Coin #2
      • enterz return red wormhole.
    • walkz to wait on stairz .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz down past dropped green pyramidz
    • past holez (avoid the enemy gruntz )
    • pickz up the spongegun (Tool #6).
  • Spongegun grunt
    • killz the two enemy gruntz
    • shootz the enemy grunt onto the Black One-Time Switchez
    • walkz to the right, up and around to the dropped black pyramidz
    • standz between the 1st and 2nd Contruction Pyramidz and shootz at the enemy grunt , so that he will go and dig up the two moundz to reveal the '?' switch , and a keg of Zap Cola (that you don't need, and there is no way to get)
    • pickz up the boomerang (Tool #7).
  • Boomerang grunt
    • walkz across crumble bridge
    • standz at the base of the stairz
    • killz the four enemy gruntz (it takez four throwz)
    • stepz on Black One-Time Switch , which allowz Bare-handed (or Springz ?) grunt to join him
    • killz the enemy grunt .
  • Secret #2:
    • one grunt (the faster one ) standz at the edge of the water, below the stairz near the '?' switch
    • the other grunt stepz on the '?' switch
    • When the '?' switch is activated , a bridge ... will appear
      1. follow it up and when it startz down, step off onto the landing area by the CheckPoint Switch
      2. WAIT
      3. when the bridge startz appearing again, walk up and along it until you can get to the landing area by the green wormhole
      4. WAIT
      5. when the landing area appearz just above the green wormhole, walk to it diagonally
      6. Pick up the two coinz (#3 & #4) , and enter the green wormhole.
    • (which should have been blue ... used only once).
  • One grunt (the slow one ) standz on the green hold switch .
  • Other grunt walkz through the slime to pick up the warpstone .
  • Warpstone grunt bringz warpstone to King.
Statz Page
Survivorz 3
Deathz 0
Toolz 7
Toyz 0
Powerupz 0
Coinz 4
Secretz 2
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