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Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz
You should
                      never play near electrical outletz


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  • Start with 2 bare-handed gruntz and a gauntletz grunt trapped within purple pyramidz
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up squeak toy (Toy #1).
  • Bare-handed/squeak toy grunt
    • walkz down to the middle of the outletz
    • usez megaphone -- gauntletz (Tool #1).
  • Gauntletz/squeak toy grunt
    • killz two enemy gruntz
    • breakz sugar cubez in the area
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • pickz up Welder's Kit from the Landing Area .
    • What! No Welder's Kit?!?
    • Must be another Gruntz Version 1.0 'bug'.
    • pickz up toob (Tool #2).
  • Toob grunt enterz water, and getz enemy grunt to follow him back to the countertop.
  • Toob grunt and gauntletz/squeak toy grunt gang up to kill enemy grunt .
  • Toob grunt
    • enterz water and goez and stepz on Black One-Time Switch
    • then goez to other island and usez the megaphone - wingz (Tool #3).
    • exitz water by the green pyramidz and losez toob
    • when Wingz/squeak toy grunt lowerz the green pyramidz , pickz up shovel (Tool #4).
  • Shovel grunt
    • digz up a mound (if he's thirsty)
    • fillz in a hole (or three ... only one is required)
  • Gauntletz/squeak toy grunt takez the wingz.
  • Wingz/squeak toy grunt walkz as far to the south as he can, then fliez to the green toggle switch by the frying egg
  • Both gruntz walk to the CheckPoint Switchez .
  • Wingz/squeak toy grunt getz enemy grunt as far away from the orange switchez as possible (near the Spice bottle would be good), and givez him the squeak toy .
  • One grunt stepz on the lower right orange switch
  • Both gruntz
    • walk past the lowered orange pyramidz , and kill the enemy grunt
    • drinkz a Bottle of Zap Cola (if he's thirsty)
    • walk around, and stand on the purple switchez to release the gauntletz grunt.
  • Gauntletz grunt breakz sugar cubez , stepz on green toggle switch
  • One grunt exitz the area and stepz on upper orange switch .
  • All three gruntz walk up, past the lowered orange pyramidz , to the next area.
  • Shovel grunt fillz holez , one to reach a Tool, and another (if anyone needz health) to reach some Zap Cola .
  • Wingz grunt pickz up bricklaying toolz (Tool #5).
  • Shovel grunt and Gauntletz grunt kill enemy grunt .
  • Shovel grunt digz up a mound , fillz in the hole for more Zap Cola .
  • Gauntletz grunt standz on green hold switch .
  • Shovel grunt and Bricklayer grunt walk past the (lowered) green pyramidz to enter rolling olive area.
  • Shovel grunt walkz to the right (perhapz cutting the oddz from three to one, to two to one) and standz on red switch .
  • Bricklayer grunt walkz past the (lowered) red pyramidz (perhapz cutting the oddz from three to one, to two to one) to step on the Black One-Time Switch .
  • Shovel grunt and Bricklayer grunt walk back past the green pyramidz .
  • All three gruntz, Gauntletz , Shovel and Bricklayer
    • go to the CheckPoint Switchez .
    • gang up to kill the 2 enemy gruntz
    • two gruntz (not Shovel ) can drink a Bottle of Zap Cola (if he's thirsty).
  • One grunt (Shovel is a good choice) stepz on the silver timer switch .
  • Another grunt goez through the silver pyramidz , and standz on the red hold switch .
  • Other two gruntz walk through the dropped red pyramidz .
  • Shovel grunt digz up the middle mound .
  • Gauntletz grunt breakz top brown brick in the stack of brickz .
  • Shovel grunt pickz up bomb (Tool #6).
  • Bomb grunt runz to yellow brick to blow it up. (Death #1)
  • Gauntletz gruntz breakz brown brick , stepz on Black One-Time Switch .
  • Both remaining gruntz walk up past the black pyramidz .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • pickz up the monster wheel (Toy #2)
    • breakz sugar cubez , pickz up Coin #1
    • givez monster wheel to enemy grunt .
  • Bricklayer grunt buildz brick to stop rolling olivez.
  • Gauntletz grunt breakz brick his buddy laid, then another brick ... and losez his gauntletz.
  • Both Bare-handed grunt Bricklayer grunt and walk through.
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • walkz around slime to the right, down, and the left
    • killz enemy grunt
      • by walking onto outletz path , and stopping on safe spot (leavez no Goo puddle )
      • or even with his bare handz
        (leavez useless Goo puddle ).
    • walkz through rest of outletz
    • pickz up gauntletz (Tool #7).
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz sugar cubez
    • stepz on Black One-Time Switch .
    • enterz blue wormhole, breakz sugar cubez
    • pickz up Coin #2
    • walkz back through the slime to the sugar cube by the rolling olivez
    • breakz the sugar cube to reveal the '?' switch .
  • Secret #1:
    • The easy way: bricklaying grunt standz between the two setz of holez surrounding coinz (#3 and #4).
    • Gauntletz grunt
      • stepz on '?' switch .
      • The hard way:
        • followz the changing Construction Pyramidz -->
        • towardz (and across) the electrical outletz to reach the spot where
        • bricklayer standz in The easy way:.
    • the holez above whichever grunt will disappear.
    • walk up to the coin, but don't pick it up.
    • WAIT until the hole under the coin fillz in
    • then pick up Coin #3
    • walk down as quickly as possible.
    • The same thing will happen for the lower set of holez
    • so go get Coin #4 .
  • Move both gruntz to the area near the stairway.
    • See the megaphone down there?
    • Eventually, someone will have to use that thing, so you may enter the hazardous area and do it now, or wait until later.
    • Since Gauntletz is faster and stronger than Bricklayer , he is the better choice to do battle with the three enemy gruntz .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz up to the left, through the outletz , and down
    • Secret #2:
      • standz just below the Black One-Time Switch
      • the red wormhole will open, enter it
      • walkz through the yellow arrowz, and let the spongegun grunt shoot you onto the Coin #5 square
      • then let him shoot you onto the lower row of arrowz
      • walk to the right to get the warpletter
      • enter red wormhole to return.
      • (exitz the area near the fort)
  • Bricklayer grunt
    • walkz to the left and killz the three enemy gruntz
    • usez the megaphone -- squeak toy (Toy #3)
    • ... (if that wasn't done earlier)
    • buildz a brick by the fort to stop the olive.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • getz the squeak toy from Grumley, the GruntzMachine keeper
    • givez it to the enemy grunt
    • pickz up warpstone .
  • Warpstone grunt bringz warpstone to King
Statz Page
Survivorz 2
Deathz 1
Toolz 7
Toyz 3
Powerupz 0
Coinz 5
Secretz 2
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