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***This puzzle is a lot different than the others, because most of the time, there is an 8-ball which is rolling past switchez and you must move your gruntz based upon what the ball is doing.

  • Start with 1 bare-handed grunt
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • walkz up and to the left behind the three treez, to step on the hidden yellow toggle switch (this switch will change the direction of the yellow arrow below the '?' switch )
    • walkz out from behind treez, stands on yellow hold switch
    • this allowz the 8-ball to roll over the '?' switch
    • walkz to the right; the left-pointing arrowz blocking off the next areaz will disappear , walk past them, so that the gruntz is on the right side of the game map
    • pickz up all four coinz (#1, #2, #3 & #4) in this area
    • Secret #1:
      • to activate red wormhole, gruntz needz to stand on the yellow arrow , second from the top, in the far right upper corner, without getting squished by the rolling 8-ball
      • goes through red wormhole , walkz down, stepz on yellow toggle switch , walkz back up on a diagonal to let the ball roll by, then walkz down, avoiding the 8-balls , pickz up the warpletter , enterz the return red wormhole
      • walkz to the left, back to the beginning area
    • stepz on hidden yellow toggle switch again to release the 8-ball
    • **** 8-Ball is rolling, keep moving   ****
    • walkz down, past the red pyramidz into maze
    • when the red pyramidz drop , bare-handed grunt walkz past them to the middle safe spot
    • when the red pyramidz drop , bare-handed grunt walkz to green hold switch
    • when the red pyramidz drop, bare-handed grunt walkz to pick up coin #5 , then walkz back to green hold switch
    • stay on green hold switch until the rolling ball on the left passez the green pyramid
    • walkz right to where the green pyramid was
    • when the red pyramidz drop , bare-handed grunt walkz up to pick up gauntletz (Tool #1), then walkz back to where the green pyramid was
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • when the red pyramidz drop , walkz up and to the right into blue wormhole
    • will end up in area just above
    • **** 8-Ball is trapped, take a breather ... ****
    • breakz dice to pick up coin #6
    • stepz on yellow toggle switch , then silver timer switch
    • **** 8-Ball is rolling, keep moving ... ****
    • walkz to the right, when green pyramidz drop , pick up springz (Tool #2)
  • Springz grunt springz across, pickz up straw (Tool #3), suckz 4 goo puddlez , bakez new grunt
  • Straw grunt
    • steps on Orange Up/Down Switch to drop orange pyramidz to release new grunt
    • standz on yellow hold switch to keep rolling 8-ball from going into hole
  • Both gruntz
    • walk to green pyramidz below purple switchez
    • when green pyramidz drop , move both to stand on Purple Multi-Grunt Switchez - avoid spotlites
    • *** 8-Ball is gone, take a breather ... ****
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • walkz down to trapdoor area
    • walkz through trapdoor area to warpstone
    • if the black pyramidz surrounding the fort are down , DO NOT step on the Black One-Time Switch ;  if they are up, step on the Black One-Time Switch
  • Warpstone grunt
    • walkz back through trapdoors
    • bringz warpstone to King
Statz Page
Survivorz 2
Deathz 0
Toolz 3
Toyz 0
Powerupz 0
Coinz 6
Secretz 2

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