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Stage 4

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  • Start with two Bare-handed gruntz , one free, one trapped.
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • stepz on Orange Up/Down Switch , orange pyramidz toward the north are lowered .
    • walkz up stairz , down stairz ,
      pickz up gauntletz (Tool #1).
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • killz enemy grunt
    • breakz

      giant cupcake, revealing

    • stepz on green toggle switch .
    • walkz past Green Pyramidz .
    • walkz past birthday candlez , killz 2 enemy gruntz .
    • breakz cupcakez .
    • breakz brown layer of two brickz , breakz one red brick (losez gauntletz).
    • walkz around by 2 spongegun gruntz to other side of bridge.
      (Kill them, if you must, but no straw to suck goo .)
    • walkz across bridge, pickz up springz (Tool #2).
  • Bare-handed grunt walkz out of Green Pyramidz .
  • Springz grunt
    • bouncez across bridge, across the holez and spikez .
    • bouncez across crumble bridge, stepz on Black One-Time Switch and blue toggle switch .
    • usez megaphone - shovel (Tool #3).
    • bouncez past black pyramidz into middle of spikez .
    • enterz blue wormhole - will end up back at The Intersection.
    • Secret #1:
      • has to go back to the area where the blue wormhole was.
      • jump and stand on the bridge square you couldn't reach because of the blue wormhole.
      • this will open the red warp in the middle of the spikez .
      • enterz red warp, stepz on red toggle switch , enterz return red warp -- will end up back at The Intersection.
    • bouncez over holez to step on green toggle switch and Orange Up/Down Switch .
    • pickz up Coin #1 .
    • (May need the Bottle of Zap Cola .)
    • standz on his CheckPoint Switch .
  • Give shovel to Bare-handed grunt
  • Shovel grunt
    • fillz holez .
    • walkz upstairz and standz on his CheckPoint Switch .
    • when CheckPoint Pyramidz lower , standz on green hold switch .
  • Springz grunt
    • pickz up scroll (Toy #1).
    • bouncez down closer to 3 enemy gruntz , readz scroll (freezez gruntz).
    • killz the 3 frozen enemy gruntz.
  • Shovel grunt and Springz grunt kill enemy grunt .
  • Springz grunt bouncez over one spike , landz on the next spike - loses springz.
  • Shovel grunt and Bare-handed grunt kill another enemy grunt .
  • Shovel grunt standz on silver timer switch .
  • Bare-handed grunt goez through Silver Pyramidz , pickz up gauntletz (Tool #4), walkz up through pyramidz to break cupcakez .
  • Shovel grunt stepz off/on Silver Timer Switch .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • waitz for Silver Pyramidz to drop to allow him to return to area by Shovel grunt .
    • walkz down and to the right, breakz cupcake to reveal Secret Switch .
    • Secret #2:
      • Gauntletz grunt stepz on Secret Switch , walkz up to stairz that have appeared, pickz up Coin #2 , enterz green wormhole, will end up on other side of screen.
      • WAIT-a bridge will appear, on the right that will allow you to get to the green wormhole on the shore.
      • enterz green wormhole, will take you to the warpletter area.
      • walkz around the blue wormhole, pickz up warpletter , pickz up Coin #3
      • enterz the green wormhole at the upper area - will end up back at The Intersection.
  • Shovel grunt
    • stepz on Silver Timer Switch , enterz and walkz through Silver Pyramidz
    • stepz on green toggle switch , enterz green wormhole to go back to The Intersection.
  • Gauntletz grunt walkz left past Green Pyramidz , stepz on Orange Up/Down Switch .
  • Shovel grunt walkz left, fills holez .
  • Gauntletz grunt and Shovel grunt walk to yellow arrowz.
  • Shovel grunt pickz up spongegun (Tool #5).
  • Spongegun grunt
    • shootz two enemy gruntz into air
    • walkz up to shoot and kill enemy grunt
    • walkz right to shoot and kill enemy grunt
    • (try to shoot this one into the path of the rolling maltedmilk ballz
    • walkz down stairz to shoot one enemy grunt into a hole and another enemy grunt into another hole , which will lower Green Pyramidz .
  • Shovel grunt and Spongegun grunt walk to CheckPoint Switchez .
  • Spongegun grunt shootz and killz enemy grunt .
  • Gauntletz grunt standz on blue hold switch .
  • Spongegun grunt
    • shootz and killz enemy grunt
    • returnz to take Gauntletz grunt's place on blue hold switch .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz across toggling candy bridgez .
    • stepz on Black One-Time Switch , walkz around warpstone.
    • breakz cupcakez , stepz on green toggle switch .
    • pickz up warpstone .
  • Warpstone grunt
    • walkz through green wormhole
    • stepz on Orange Up/Down Switch
    • takez warpstone to King.
Statz Page
Survivorz 2
Deathz 0
Toolz 5
Toyz 1
Powerupz 0
Coinz 3
Secretz 2
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