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  • Start with two bare-handed gruntz , one free to move, the other trapped.
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • usez megaphone -- gauntletz (Tool #1)
    • standz on red hold switch .
  • Give gauntletz to other bare-handed grunt , now free to move.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz all the mushroomz he can reach
    • walkz down to step on red hold switch .
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • walkz clockwise around quicksand, walkz up stairz
    • pickz up the toob and the Beach Ball
    • What! They aren't there?!? Must be another Gruntz Version 1.0 'bug'.
    • followz the arrowz (no choice) and pickz up the Magic Wand (Tool #2) ... rolling ball spell.
  • Magic Wand grunt
    • castz a spell, standing in the center of the area (losez 1/4 health).
    • When the ballz start rolling, stepz out of their way, walkz around the platforms, left and down towardz the enemy grunt and getz him to follow you ... to get squished by a rolling golf ball .
    • standz in front of the single arrow pointing to the left, cast the spell (has now lost 1/2 health), and step out of the way.
    • The pyramidz will drop ... usez the megaphone -- springz (Tool #3), and then enterz the green wormhole.
    • pickz up coin #1 , followz rolling golf ball clockwise
    • usez the megaphone -- boomerang (Tool #4).
    • takez boomerang for himself.
  • Boomerang grunt
    • walkz back to the center peninsula between the two enemy gruntz
    • killz the enemy grunt on the right
    • killz the enemy grunt on the left
    • rolling golf ballz will turn left and kill the two enemy gruntz
    • followz the last rolling golf ball
    • walkz up toward the CheckPoint Switch
    • don't step on the Black One-Time Switch
    • stepz on the yellow toggle switch to release three rolling golf ballz
    • goez to the CheckPoint Switch
    • stepz on the Black One-Time Switch
    • walkz to the right towardz the green pyramidz .
  • Gauntletz grunt stepz on green hold switch .
  • Boomerang grunt walkz up three flightz of stairz (avoiding thundercloudz) and standz on red hold switch .
  • Give springz to gauntletz grunt .
  • Springz grunt
    • springz onto orange up/down Switch
    • jumpz past the first set of bouncing ballz.
  • Boomerang grunt walkz across to orange up/down Switch .
  • Springz grunt
    • jumpz past the second set of bouncing ballz
    • jumpz on green toggle switch
    • goez to CheckPoint Switch
    • walkz next to quicksand, jumpz holez , pickz up coin #2
    • jumpz back and jumpz across moving quicksand bridge
    • usez megaphone -- welder kit (Tool #5)
    • springz back over breakaway bridge
    • walkz up, and lurez first one enemy grunt then the other toward you by jumping in the center and then pass them on either side.
    • takez the welder's kit.
  • Welder grunt
    • killz two enemy gruntz ... they are too far away to shoot at,
      but start attacking before you can get in range,
      so you have to shoot to where they will be
    • (they leave no Goo behind)
    • pickz up straw (Tool #6).
  • Straw grunt
    • suckz 4 goo puddlez
    • stepz on Black One-Time Switch .
  • Boomerang grunt pickz up the gunhat (Tool #7)
  • Gunhat grunt
    • killz two enemy sgruntz .
    • walkz past area with thundercloudz
    • followz in the space between the rolling golf ballz
    • waitz in the space between Construction Pyramidz for an opening
    • passez after rolling golf ball and enterz green wormhole.
    • walkz north, dodging flying objectz
    • Don't kill any of the four enemy gruntz for the moment,
      (but you may lower their health a bit, once each)
      you need them to get to the red warp SecretTeleporterTrigger.
  • Drop new grunt (carefully!) on the GruntCreationPad by the straw grunt , and move him off ... fast!
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • walkz right, goez downstairz,
    • goez past the first set of rolling golf ballz
    • walkz upstairz and standz on lower yellow hold switch .
  • Straw grunt
    • walkz past all the rolling golf ballz ,
    • stepz on the yellow toggle switch behind the danger sign
    • stepz on the center arrow to enter the arrow maze.
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • movez to upper yellow hold switch once the straw grunt passez the first two-way arrow .
    • movez (quickly!) to center yellow hold switch once the straw grunt passez the second two-way arrow .
    • movez to bottom yellow hold switch once the straw grunt passez the last two-way arrow .
  • Straw grunt movez quickly to stand on the green hold switch by the pool corner.
  • Rolling golf ball
    • will roll down across lowered green pyramid and turn left,
    • squishing the five enemy gruntz ,
    • flip the red toggle switch ,
      (lowerz the red pyramidz by the '?' Switch ).
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • usez megaphone -- gauntletz (Tool #8).
    • takez gauntletz from the GruntzMachine (Resourcez).
  • Straw grunt
    • usez megaphone -- spy gear (Tool #9).
    • takez spy gear from the GruntzMachine (Resourcez).
  • Both gruntz go to CheckPoint Switchez .
  • Spy grunt stepz on blue toggle switch to raise bridge tilez .
  • Both gruntz (Gauntletz grunt leading) walk across bridge to the yellow arrowz.
  • Secret #1:
    • Gunhat grunt
      • stepz on '?' Switch
      • the three arrowz on the right side will reverse
      • walk across the jumping golf ballz , follow in the space between the rolling golf ballz
      • walk upstairz and pick up the coin #3 , walk back downstairz, then upstairz, and pick up the other coin #4 , follow (counter-clockwise) in the space between the rolling golf ballz , and cross over the (lowered) purple pyramidz .
      • don't enter the green wormhole, there is another secret in the area
      • kill one (or two) of the enemy gruntz on the left to lower some of the purple pyramidz and raise otherz to break the rolling golf ballz .
      • stand between the arrow and the Purple Pyramid
      • Secret #2:
        • click on the ordinary tile to walk diagonally as the ball rollz over the lower arrow and then move to the left to enter the red wormhole.
        • walk clockwise around the quicksand, hit the enemy grunt one time (from just under the Golf Clubz), go upstairz and get the coin #5 .
        • walk around again and shoot the enemy grunt for the second time (from the same place); immediately run toward the warp letter after you've fired.
        • when the enemy grunt turnz into a goo puddle , the two-way arrow will reverse
        • return through the red warp
      • walk across a lowered purple pyramid and around the purple pyramidz and enter the green warp.
  • Gunhat grunt
    • may now kill the remaining enemy gruntz
    • stepz on the yellow hold switch to release other gruntz.
    • stepz on upper green hold switch to let other gruntz past pyramidz .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz north past the lowered green pyramidz
    • walkz downstairz and west
    • standz on spikez and breakz the first brick
    • goez directly to the can of Zap Cola
    • breakz the mushroom , which will blow up the explosive brick (with the grunt back on the Zap Cola tile).
    • breakz the next brick and waitz on the foundation tile .
  • Spy grunt walkz to the foundation tile nearest Gauntletz .
  • Gunhat grunt pickz up health scroll and readz it.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz the mushroom , which will blow up the gold brick .
    • walkz to one of the Purple Multi-Grunt Switchez
  • Spy grunt walkz to the other Purple Multi-Grunt Switch , allowing Gunhat grunt to pick up warpstone .
  • Warpstone grunt walkz around to, and pickz up coin #6 and bringz warpstone to the King.
Statz Page
Survivorz 3
Deathz 0
Toolz 9
Toyz 1
Powerupz 0
Coinz 6
Secretz 2

Cheatz for completing all 4 levelz:

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