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Do you have the Gruntz Version 1.01 patch?
  • Start with two bare-handed gruntz , one free, one trapped.
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up timebombz (Tool #1).
  • Timebombz grunt
    • pickz up coin #1 behind danger sign.
    • blowz up all mushroomz in order to be able to get warpletter.
    • walkz to island, and usez megaphone -- gravity bootz (Tool #2) ... putz them on.
  • Gravity bootz grunt
    • stepz on green toggle switchez (as necessary) to lower all of the green pyramidz around the warp letter.
    • pickz up the warp letter
    • walkz through red pyramidz via red toggle switchez
    • up stairz, drinkz the keg of Zap Cola .
    • walkz to island, through the rolling golf ballz
    • getz the gauntletz (Tool #3).
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • killz enemy grunt , drinkz the bottle of Zap Cola and breakz mushroomz .
    • breakz brickz and killz enemy grunt .
    • walkz to release bare-handed grunt
    • usez megaphone -- springz (Tool #4)
    • goez back to water, breakz mushroomz
    • goez to danger sign, breakz mushroom , pickz up coin #2
    • passez the rolling golf ball and waitz on the Landing Area .
  • Give springz to bare-handed grunt .
  • Springz grunt springz to the blue toggle switch and back.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz across bridge
    • usez megaphone -- squeak toy (Toy #1)
    • which he takez for himself.
  • Both gruntz stand on the CheckPoint Switchez .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz left and breakz mushroom , pickz up coin #3
    • breakz the other mushroomz , revealing a two-way arrow
      (pointing the wrong way, of course) and some holez .
  • Springz grunt springz onto the yellow hold switch beneath the thundercloud while gauntletz grunt walkz over two-way arrow (now pointing the right way).
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz all the mushroomz
    • usez megaphone -- shovel (Tool #5).
    • carefully crossez the crumbling bridge .
    • killz two enemy gruntz who don't stick around and fight like men (er, gruntz).
    • standz on his CheckPoint Switch until his buddy arrivez.
  • Springz grunt
    • pickz up the toob and the Beach Ball
    • What! They aren't there?!? Must be another Gruntz Version 1.0 'bug'.
    • springz across the remaining crumbling bridge tilez to get the coin #4
    • takez the shovel from the GruntzMachine (Resourcez) when he reachez the other side of the bridge.
  • Shovel grunt
    • standz on his CheckPoint Switch , lowering the CheckPoint Pyramidz
    • leanz on his shovel while watching his buddy work
    • fillz in hazardous holez , while his buddy watchez him work.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz mushroomz , while his buddy leanz on his shovel
    • twiddlez his thumbz while watching his buddy work
    • breakz more mushroomz , will find the '?' Switch .
    • Secret #1:
      • Shovel grunt hitz the '?' Switch .
      • Gauntletz grunt usez the moving bridge to cross the quicksand.
      • at the (temporary) Landing Area , breakz the small mushroom and all mushroomz will be blown up.
      • waitz until the last explosion breakz

        the giant mushroom, revealing
        coin #5

      • Pickz up coinz #6, #7 & #8 , drinkz the keg of Zap Cola .
      • Walkz back over the crumbling bridge , and breakz mushroomz , pickz up coin #9
    • walkz upstairz, killz four enemy gruntz by getting them to walk to a place pointed to by an arrow (pointing any direction), then stepping on the arrow.
    • if he getz stabbed by a "butter knife", he drinkz a can (or two!) of Zap Cola . (He should finish in full health.)
    • stepz on lower orange up/down Switch , so his buddy may move south.
    • walkz to the upper orange up/down Switch .
    • when his buddy is on the southern stairz
    • stepz on the upper orange up/down Switch .
    • walkz to rolling golf ballz , breakz mushroomz , revealing a can of Zap Cola (he may need it later).
  • Shovel grunt
    • fillz in holez around arrow , luring enemy gauntletz grunt into attacking, to blow enemy grunt up.
    • fillz in holez , and stepz on Black One-Time Switchez , waitz near orange pyramidz until they go down .
    • stepz on blue toggle switch near water, walkz to island, and standz on yellow hold switch .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • followz the rolling golf ballz , goez upstairz
    • avoidz rockz thrown by enemy gruntz and golf ball
    • breakz center mushroom
    • usez megaphone -- straw (Tool #6)
    • takez the straw from the GruntzMachine (Resourcez)
    • if not at full health, go in search of Zap Cola !
    • walkz to CheckPoint Switch .
  • Straw grunt
    • stepz on yellow toggle switch to release rolling golf ball .
    • pickz up reactive armor , killz two enemy gruntz
    • suckz 4 goo puddlez , bakez new grunt.
    • stepz on yellow arrow, drinkz a Keg of Zap Cola
    • have you SAVEd recently? (You have to make a "hole in one" next.)
    • without the Gruntz Version 1.01 patch, this is extremely difficult!
    • stepz on yellow toggle switch before bridge goez up.
    • (rolling golf ball flipz Black One-Time Switch ).
    • enterz green wormhole, movez to Purple Multi-Grunt Switch .
  • Drop new grunt on GruntCreationPad .
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • enterz green wormhole
    • stepz on arrow and stepz on blue toggle switch .
  • Shovel grunt
    • walkz across bridge to join otherz
    • fillz in certain very important holez
    • (gruntz may walk around plateauz, but shortcutz are faster)
    • the mound on the plateau northwest of the warpstone is empty
      (mis-coded CoveredPowerup should have held a Coin)
    • standz on the other Purple Multi-Grunt Switch .
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • pickz up warpstone
    • walkz west (left) and goez upstairz
    • waitz out of the range of any enemy gruntz .
  • Shovel grunt fillz holez near Danger sign ... while under fire from an unreachable enemy grunt !
  • Get straw grunt near the red warp (south between three plateauz).
  • Shovel grunt
    • triggerz the red warp
    • walkz upstairz to a safe place.
  • Straw grunt
    • enterz red warp, pickz up springz (Tool #7)
    • pickz up coinz #10 & 11
    • goez through the return red warp
    • springz upstairz to a safe place.
  • Get enemy grunt to break the mushroom that is pointed to by the arrow .
  • Springz grunt and shovel grunt kill enemy grunt , pick up coin #12 .
  • Springz grunt setz down the ToyBox containing the Squeak Toy .
  • Warpstone grunt
    • pickz up the Squeak Toy, walkz towardz fort.
    • givez squeak toy to enemy grunt .
    • bringz warpstone to the King.
Statz Page
Survivorz 3
Deathz 0
Toolz 7
Toyz 1
Powerupz 1
Coinz 12
Secretz 2
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