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  • Start with two bare-handed gruntz
  • Both gruntz walk up.
  • One bare-handed grunt
    • stepz on yellow toggle switch
    • as soon as rolling golf ball is past the two-way arrow , step on yellow toggle switch again (so you can get to the coinz from the red warp).
  • Both bare-handed gruntz
    • walk through dropped silver pyramidz .
    • stand on a Purple Multi-Grunt Switch until rolling golf ball passes the Purple Pyramid .
    • cross separate bridgez .
  • Northern Bare-handed grunt
    • usez megaphone -- sword , takez it for himself.
    • waitz by the red pyramidz .
  • Southern Bare-handed grunt
    • pickz up the toob and the Beach Ball
    • What! They aren't there?!? Must be another Gruntz Version 1.0 'bug'.
    • stepz on CheckPoint Switch .
    • stepz on yellow hold switch , releasing rolling golf ball .
    • pickz up gauntletz and walkz toward red pyramid .
    • rolling golf ball passez over red toggle switch .
    • red pyramidz lower , lowered onez rise up .
  • Sword grunt walkz past dropped red pyramidz , and killz enemy grunt .
  • Gauntletz grunt (moving quickly!)
    • passez red pyramid to arrow , downstairz and up the other stairz.
    • breakz mushroom and stepz on red hold switch , and breakz more mushroomz until rolling golf ball passez first set of red pyramidz .
    • When rolling golf ball passez second set of red pyramidz , walkz toward green hold switch , (fakez enemy grunt into getting squished by a rolling golf ball) and breakz center mushroom , and stepz on green hold switch before golf ball hitz green pyramid .
    • Rolling golf ball flipz Black One-Time Switch and is gone.
    • usez megaphone -- squeak toy , which he takez from the GruntzMachine.
    • breakz all mushroomz in area.
  • Both gruntz walk back toward beginning area (red pyramidz ).
  • Gauntletz/squeak toy gruntz breakz mushroom .
  • Secret #1:
    • Sword grunt triggerz red wormhole.
    • Gauntletz/squeak toy grunt
      • enterz red wormhole.
      • breakz mushroom , getz coin #1 .
      • breakz mushroom , getz coin #2 , walkz past the hole in front of the slotmachine on the right.
      • breakz mushroom , getz coin #3 .
      • breakz mushroom , getz coin #4 .
      • crossez over silver timer switch and two-way arrow and breakz another (poisoned) mushroom .
      • pickz up coin #5 .
      • breakz mushroom and pickz up coin #6 .
      • breakz a final mushroom and getz the warp letter 'R'.
      • stepz on yellow toggle switch and crossez over two-way arrow and silver timer switch and makez his way to the return red warp.
  • Both gruntz walk to CheckPoint Switchez .
  • Sword grunt standz on right Purple Multi-Grunt Switch .
  • Tough timing! SAVE! Gauntletz/squeak toy grunt walkz toward the enemy grunt . When he startz to follow, walk back and wait on center Purple Multi-Grunt Switch .
  • When enemy grunt stepz on Purple Multi-Grunt Switch , give him the squeak toy.
  • Select a grunt (Sword!), click on a destination.
    Select the other grunt, click on a destination.
    Whichever grunt reachez his destination first, select him and put him to work!
  • Gauntletz grunt stepz on yellow toggle switch , then goez back to Purple Multi-Grunt Switch .
  • That yellow toggle switch changed the direction of a two-way arrow to release a rolling golf ball .

    That rolling golf ball passez over two lowered red pyramidz toward a (lowered) purple pyramid (the enemy grunt and both of your gruntz are standing on purple multi-grunt switchez , holding it down). Select both bruntz and be prepared to move.

    Once past the purple pyramid (Move your gruntz now!), it will roll over a red toggle switch (lowering the red pyramidz that prevent access through the area) (get those gruntz moving again!) and over a yellow toggle switch that will release another rolling golf ball . Whew!
    So be on your toez to act quickly!
  • When rolling golf ball has passed the purple pyramid , send Sword grunt toward the shovel, and Gauntletz grunt toward the arrow .
  • Sword grunt pickz up shovel, fillz in two important holez .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • turnz south for two stepz) when he reachez the last and standz on green hold switch .
    • stepz off and on green hold switch just before the ball hitz the green pyramidz , so that it rollz safely over lowered green pyramidz .
    • rolling golf ball passez over a mound , over an arrow , over a red toggle switch and into a hole .
  • Shovel grunt walkz upstairz, (choosez his time wisely) and stepz on the yellow toggle switch and fillz in the hole next to the arrow before the rolling golf ball getz there. The first rolling golf ball goez west over a yellow toggle switch and a black one-time switch and into a hole . The second rolling golf ball goez east over another black one-time switch and into another hole .
  • Gauntletz grunt walkz upstairz, across the yellow toggle switch and over the arrow and waitz at the south end of the platform.
  • Shovel grunt digz up the mound above the platform with two coinz and revealz a '?' Switch .
  • Secret #2:
    • Shovel grunt hitz the secret ? switch , and a stairway towardz the coinz appearz on the other side of the platform
    • Gauntletz grunt , waiting there, goez upstairz and enterz the blue wormhole
    • Shovel grunt (started running right from the switch) enterz the platform, grabz the two coinz #7 & #8 and returnz through the green wormhole
    • Be sure to move the gauntletz grunt away after returning through the wormhole.
  • Both gruntz go through the jumping golf ballz.
  • First grunt standz on green hold switch .
  • Second grunt walkz down, over the (lowered) green pyramidz and pickz up the warpstone .
  • Warpstone grunt bringz warpstone to King
Statz Page
Survivorz 2
Deathz 0
Toolz 3
Toyz 1
Powerupz 0
Coinz 8
Secretz 2
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