Author: "GooRoo" com

Name: Ed Kivi
Occupation: Retarded (er, retired!) Owner-Administrator of "GooRoo's Gruntz Forum"
Aliases: Old Geezer
Hobbies: (in no particular order)
  • Dabbler in the game of Gruntz
  • Seattle Mariners baseball ; 2022
  • Tennis (3.5 rating)
  • Science Fiction:
    • Anne McCaffrey
    • David K. Weber
    • Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise)
    • Star Wars
    • etc.
  • Square dancer, Advanced program (once was Challenge-1)
  • Round dancer, Phase 4 for most rhythms
  • Amateur theatre
    • character actor
    • sound and lighting technician
    • house manager (ticket taker/janitor )
  • Life member of the United States Chess Federation (patzer, class C (1511) rating)
Family: Married (Mary Lou) with twin daughters Jean Marie (Kivi) Thomas and JoAnn Lee (Kivi) Long
no grandchildren (yet ... and not likely to be any, by blood)
Pets: Felines (in order of my favorites):
  1. Hope .... born November, 2011 (sisters)
  2. Greystone ... born November, 2021
  3. Jenny ... born November, 2011; died October 10, 2022 (sisters)
and (of course) their six-legged pets.