X Y Secret Type Description of the location
75 41 Red Warp #1 (RW) The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a floating Bridge tile that doesn't have to be used.
The RW will open south of the exit Landing Dock .
The RW will take you to the gully where there is a Warp letter , a Tool (Tool #7) and a Coin (Coin #19) to be acquired.
41 59 RW #2 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a space in the middle of three RMBz in a small square.
The RW will open in place.
The RW will take you to a place surrounded by Brickz stacked three high (that are not what they appear to be), with five Holez and five Cupcakez , and the Warp letter in plain sight.
26 70 Secret Switch #1 If you didn't find RW #2, you won't be able to reach this Question Mark Switch.
Gauntletz Grunt #1 breakz a Giant Cupcake

which revealz a Secret Switch in the middle

It createz an exit out of the area, and an entrance into an area with fifteen Cupcakez of four varitiez , and the Warp letter in plain sight.
You acquire another three Coinz (Coinz #24, #25 and #26) and find a way out of the area.