X Y WARP Where to find them.
8 76 W In plain sight, with Birthday Candlez blocking access to it.
A gruntz will have to fly to get it, though.
75 62 A In plain sight in a gully, reached via a Red Warp (RW).
The gruntz that acquirez it will also acquire a pair of Gauntletz and a Coin .
31 55 R In plain sight in an area surrounded by Explosive Brickz .
Reached via a RW , and requiring Gauntletz to leave the area, by breaking Cupcakez which block access to a Blue Wormhole (BW).
19 39 P In plain sight, near the middle of a row of fifteen Cupcakez (three of them contain Coinz ).
Reached when a Question Mark Switch is pressed , creating an opening in the barrier wall.