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  • Start with 1 bare-handed grunt
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up straw (tool #1).
  • Straw grunt killz enemy grunt, suck 4 goo puddlez .
  • Bake new grunt, drop on grunt pad .
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up club (tool #2).
  • Straw grunt stepz on yellow toggle switch .
  • Both gruntz walk through yellow arrowz, with club grunt in the lead.
  • Both gruntz "gang up" to kill enemy grunt.
  • Straw grunt suckz goo .
  • Club grunt standz on green hold switch .
  • Straw grunt walkz across to Black One-Time Switch , standz on it.
  • Club grunt walkz across.
  • Use megaphone -- gauntletz (tool #3).
  • Give gauntletz to the grunt in poorest health.
  • Gauntletz grunt walkz left, breakz rock , pickz up coin #1 , walkz back to the right.
  • Other grunt standz on green hold switch on left.
  • Gauntletz grunt walkz through green pyramidz to first open space, drinkz Zap Cola and breakz rock .
  • Other grunt standz on green hold switch on right.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • walkz through green pyramidz to blue wormhole.
    • walkz through blue wormhole, walkz past warpstone, past second blue wormhole.
    • Secret #1:
      • stepz on '?' switch behind tree, to the left of the blue wormhole.
      • Rolling rock will be released, killing enemy grunt near fort.
    • pickz up warpstone , walkz through blue wormhole.
  • Warpstone grunt standz on Black One-Time Switch .
  • Other grunt walkz through pyramidz, pickz up gauntletz (tool #4).
  • Walk both gruntz to CheckPoint Switchez , and stand on them.
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • killz enemy grunt , breakz rockz .
    • killz enemy grunt , breakz rockz , pickz up coin #2 .
    • usez megaphone -- straw . Takez the straw (tool #5).
  • Straw grunt suckz 4 goo puddlez , bake new grunt, drop on grunt pad .
  • Move straw grunt and warpstone grunt to stand on the Purple Multi-Grunt Switchez .
  • Secret #2:
    • Bare-handed grunt
      • Movez to stand on the land sticking out into the water, just above the purple pyramidz .
      • walkz through red warp, pickz up warpletter , walkz through return red warp .
      • stepz on/off blue toggle switch until the bridge is raised.
  • Straw grunt
    • pickz up go-kart .
    • if you didn't find Secret #1 (Easy mode?), give go-kart to enemy grunt.
  • Bare-handed grunt crossez bridge, usez megaphone , getz gauntletz (tool #6).
  • Gauntletz grunt breakz the brown and red brickz in one stack.
  • Warpstone grunt walkz left, bringz warpstone to King.
Statz Page
Survivorz 3
Deathz 0
Toolz 6
Toyz 1
Powerupz 0
Coinz 2
Secretz 2
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