Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: CoveredPowerup or InGameIcon
Smarts: 0 (default) Tile 1 or 9 selected;
or Clear Tile (1 through 301) to replace the
Rock or Hole/Mound when broken/dug up.
Objectz on an Arrow Tile may never be acquired!
0 (default ... not used)
Powerup: 30 0 (default ... not used)
Face Dir: 0 (default ... Random Spellz)
3 ... Resurrection
Scrollz are Toyz that your own Gruntz usually use.
The Grunt readz the Scroll and castz Spellz (or wavez his Magic Wand ).

When this Scroll is read, all of the Grunt Puddlez near (8 tiles, at least) the reader are restored,
back 2 life (thin red line, but alive).

Note: the color of the Goo Puddle is of no significance.
If the "Smarts:" field value of the Goo Puddle object is a 0 (the default) ... the Grunt will be the solver's to control.
If you want the resurrected Grunt(z) to be the enemy's,
you must put a value of 1, 2 or 3 in the "Smarts:" field of the Goo Puddle object.

See also:
0 Random a Random Spell is cast.
1 Freeze all of the Gruntz near the reader are turned into Gruntziclez (even friendz).
2 Health all of the Gruntz near the reader are restored to full Health (even enemies!).
4 Random Toyz all of the Gruntz near the reader receive a Toy of some kind to play with (random choice).
5 Teleport all of the Gruntz near the reader are teleported to random locationz.
6 Rolling Ballz Giant Ballz roll outward from the reader in the four cardinal directions.