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  • Start with a spongegun grunt and three bare-handed gruntz , two of them are blocked
  • Spongegun grunt
    • shootz at an arrow
    • the bare-handed grunt stepz on the arrow
    • is shot over the arrow arrow
  • Bare-handed grunt walkz down and standz on green hold switch
  • Spongegun grunt
    • walkz through green pyramidz
    • stepz on right silver timer switch
    • walkz through silver pyramidz
    • stepz on Black One-Time Switch to release one trapped bare-handed grunt
  • Bare-handed grunt stepz on left silver timer switch
  • Spongegun grunt
    • walkz out of the silver pyramidz maze
    • walkz to bridge, killz all six enemy gruntz by shooting them into space
    • walkz to CheckPoint Switch .
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • goez and stepz on Black One-Time Switch
    • usez Megaphone -- sword (Tool #1)
    • takez it for himself.
  • Sword grunt walkz to CheckPoint Switch
  • Secret #1:
    • (have you SAVEd recently?)
    • One grunt walkz into space towards the '?' switch ,
      (there is an invisible bridge)
    • stepz on the switch to raise bridge to the coinz
    • grunt pickz up four coinz (#1 #2 #3 & #4) , leave cola
    • bridge will appear to go back to edge, wait for it.
  • Both gruntz enter the green wormhole
  • Spongegun grunt
    • shootz four enemy gruntz onto spikez
    • they leave four Goo Puddlez behind.
  • Sword grunt
    • killz the two enemy gruntz
    • they leave two Goo Puddlez behind.
    • walkz to the CheckPoint Switch .
  • Spongegun grunt
    • stepz on the two yellow toggle switchez
    • releasing rolling rockz which will squish the two enemy gruntz (no Goo)
    • crossez over a yellow toggle switch
    • pickz up straw (Tool #2).
  • Straw grunt
    • suckz eight goo puddlez
    • (enough to bake two new bare-handed gruntz )
    • stepz on Black One-Time Switch
    • goez to stand on a purple multi-grunt switch .
  • drop new grunt on GruntCreationPad .
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up gauntletz (Tool #3) and goez to stand on other purple multi-grunt switch
  • with purple pyramidz now lowered , sword grunt standz on CheckPoint Switch , which lowerz the CheckPoint Pyramidz ahead of him ... and raisez the onez behind him ... no going back!
  • Sword grunt
    • crossez the toggling bridge
    • enterz the spiky platform (must step on four spikez )
    • getz the springz (Tool #4).
  • Springz grunt
    • pickz up coin #5 behind the satellite near the enemy grunt
    • goez back to the bridge, to the hidden blue toggle switch
    • and the yellow toggle switch
    • springz back and over the two-way arrow
    • waitz on the green hold switch .
  • Drop a new grunt on the GruntCreationPad and all three gruntz, bare-handed grunt , the straw grunt and the gauntletz grunt cross the two yellow toggle switchez
  • Gauntletz grunt breakz a rock crystal , setting off a chain reaction that destroyz all of the crystalz
  • Bare-handed grunt pickz up the bomb (Tool #5) that is revealed
  • SAVE: bomb grunt
    • standz in front of the toggling bridge
    • ignitez the bomb just before the bridge risez
    • runz over the blue toggle switch
    • killz three enemy gruntz and himself (Death #1).
  • Straw grunt crossez the other bridge to his CheckPoint Switch .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • crossez the other bridge
    • breakz a rock crystal (setz off a chain reaction)
    • goez to a CheckPoint Switch .
  • Second gauntletz grunt
    • getz off the platform, breakz a rock crystal (nothing in it)
    • breakz another rock crystal , pickz up coin #6
    • goez to the last CheckPoint Switch .
  • Both Gauntletz gruntz
    • break a rock crystal
    • each pickz up a Pogo Stick (Toyz #1 & #2).
  • Straw grunt suckz a goo puddle (1 of 4 needed)
  • One gauntletz grunt
    • walkz north, breakz the red brick and losez his gauntletz
    • you have to hit the three Black One-Time Switchez in the arrow maze; it's timing
    • after you hit the third Black One-Time Switch , pick up the death touch powerup (Powerup #1)
    • kill the two enemy gruntz
    • go get the refreshing Bottle of Zap Cola .
  • gauntletz grunt and straw grunt join bare-handed grunt (still carrying a Pogo Stick)
  • straw grunt
    • suckz 2 goo puddlez (2 & 3 of 4)
    • waitz near the green pyramidz
  • SAVE: gauntletz grunt
    • givez his pogo stick to an enemy grunt
      • who (hopefully) leavez a green hold switch
      • jumpz into an (active) lava geyser
    • walkz back to the green pyramidz and waitz there.
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • givez his pogo stick to an enemy grunt
      • who (hopefully) leavez a green hold switch
      • jumpz into an (active) lava geyser
    • walkz back to the green pyramidz and waitz there.
  • Springz grunt pickz up the gauntletz (Tool #6).
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz two rock crystalz and the rest are blown away
    • pickz up coin #7 behind the satellite
    • breakz the rock crystalz
    • breakz the lower of the three brick stackz
    • killz the enemy grunt
    • walkz back and waitz in front of the black pyramid .
  • The other three gruntz pass the (lowered) green pyramidz and one of them hitz the Black One-Time Switch
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • usez Megaphone -- gauntletz (Tool #7)
    • crossez over arrow to join the otherz.
  • give gauntletz to bare-handed grunt
  • Three gauntletz gruntz
    • gang up to kill the enemy grunt
    • break rock crystalz
    • grunt in poorest health drinkz a Can of Zap Cola
    • stand on one of the four purple multi-grunt switchez .
  • Straw grunt
    • suckz fresh goo puddle (4th of 4 needed)
    • standz on the last purple multi-grunt switch .
  • Bare-handed grunt
    • enterz the game on the GruntCreationPad
    • walkz south and goez upstairz, followz UFO counter-clockwise
    • pickz up coin #8 behind satellite
    • pickz up shovel (Tool #8) at the bottom
    • usez Megaphone -- gravity bootz (Tool #9)
      give the gravity bootz to the straw grunt
  • Shovel Gauntletz Gauntletz Gauntletz Gravity bootz
    • satisfy their CheckPoint Switchez
    • gang up to kill the three enemy gruntz .
  • One gauntletz grunt breakz a rock crystal and any grunt hitz the Black One-Time Switch
  • Gravity bootz grunt
    • walkz upstairz across ten spikez (thank you, bootz!)
    • hitz the silver timer switch .
  • Shovel grunt
    • walkz over the silver pyramidz (one stayz up )
    • fillz two holez that touch the two purple multi-grunt switchez on each side
    • standz on one of the purple multi-grunt switchez .
  • Gravity bootz grunt standz on the other purple multi-grunt switch and your three other gruntz can pass over the lowered purple pyramidz on the left hand side.
  • One of the gauntletz gruntz
    • crossez the moving bridge
    • breakz six rock crystalz
    • waitz on the blue hold switch .
  • Gravity bootz grunt
    • pickz up a sponge gun (Tool #10).
  • One of the gauntletz gruntz
    • pickz up a sponge gun (Tool #11)
    • both spongegun gruntz shoot the enemy grunt over the arrowz toward the Black One-Time Switch (If one of your gruntz miss, the enemy club grunt will return to where he was when you arrived ... twenty spongez will turn him into Goo . Since it takez four spongez to get him where you want him, you only get so many chancez to get it right ... before he diez.)
  • Put all gruntz except a gauntletz grunt on the four purple multi-grunt switchez
  • Gauntletz grunt breakz a red brick ... losez the gauntletz.
  • (now) bare-handed grunt makez the enemy grunt blow up the gold brickz .
  • Bare-handed grunt walkz back and tradez placez with the remaining gauntletz grunt .
  • Gauntletz grunt
    • breakz all the rock crystalz
    • stepz on the green toggle switch beyond the gold brickz
    • pickz up the invisibility powerup (Powerup #2) and runz past the three enemy gruntz
    • stepz on the Black One-Time Switch
    • goez to the green hold switch on the platform with the spotlightz so the other gruntz can enter this area too.
  • Keeping one spongegun grunt back, put four of your gruntz on the purple multi-grunt switchez
  • When the purple pyramidz are down , the spongegun grunt goez to the blue hold switch and waitz there
  • back to the very beginning where the grunt who has been shot over the arrow is still waiting
    He pickz up the Magic Wand and the Scroll and startz across the bridge toward the lava geyserz .
    You don't have a Magic Wand?!? Ooops! Must be a design flaw.
  • he pickz up the warpstone piece , crossez the moving bridge
    and the rolling rockz and the lava geyserz (picking up two coinz (#9 & #10) along the way) and proceedz to the platform with the four rolling rockz and a spotlight in the center
  • Secret #2: (have you SAVEd recently?)
    • Spongegun grunt on the blue hold switch
      • walkz back to the center of the four yellow hold switchez
    • Warpstone grunt walkz to the center of the platform and triggerz the red wormhole
    • Spongegun grunt
      • enterz the red warp
      • shootz the enemy grunt onto the arrowz so that he arrivez at the Black One-Time Switch
      • pickz up the warpletter
      • walkz to stand on the blue hold switch again, to re-raise the bridge for the warpstone grunt
  • Warpstone grunt
    • leavez the platform and crossez the rolling rockz maze
    • bringz warpstone to the King.
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Survivorz 6
Deathz 1
Toolz 11
Toyz 2
Powerupz 2
Coinz 10
Secretz 2
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