X Y Secret Type Description of the location
xx yy Red Warp
The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a Hole at the southern end of the King’z Fortress.
The RW will open north of the Spikez on the western edge.
The RW will take you to the area where there is a Warp letter .
xx yy Question Mark Switch
(QMS) #1
Located in the area where you dug up a few thingz.
It createz a path to another Coin and (very necessary) the return RW .
Note that a 'purist' would have one Red Warp and one Question Mark Switch in a puzzle.
The entries below are just examples if you really need more of them.
xx yy RW #2 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a space that lookz different from the surrounding Tilez.
The RW will open near where the Warp letter was lying in plain sight.
The RW will take you to a place where there are a few Holez/Moundz and Cupcakez. The Warp letter and a few Coinz will be found there.
xx yy RW #3 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is in the water southwest of the Purple Multi-Grunt Switch (PMGS).
The RW openz on the PMGS .
It takez you to the area where the Warp letter and the last Coin are visible.
It is possible for the return RW to (re-)move an enemy Grunt to take the solver's Gruntz's place!
xx yy QMS #2 This Secret has a 'name' (#05) for the row, which allowz an external reference to it.
xx yy QMS #3 This
xx yy QMS #4 is
xx yy QMS #5 just
xx yy QMS #6 taking
xx yy QMS #7 up
xx yy QMS #8 space
xx yy QMS #9 so
xx yy QMS #10 you
xx yy QMS #11 can
xx yy QMS #12 see
xx yy QMS #13 the
xx yy QMS #14 external
xx yy QMS #15 reference
xx yy QMS #16 skipz
xx yy QMS #17 some
xx yy QMS #18 entriez!