X Y Toyz Where you may acquire them
8 61 Freeze Scroll Gauntletz clearz a path to it in the BrickYard.
Careful! The Grunt that pickz it up must be the one that usez it!
Your three choicez are:
Gauntletz , Spy Gear and GooberStraw .
That Grunt will go through the Blue Wormhole (BW) to the small area with the Kitchen Slime crawling around it.
70 7 Beach Ball Gauntletz breakz a Sugar Cube to uncover it.
(He has to pick it up ... not a problem, since he will likely be the one using it.)
36 8 Squeak Toy Gravity Bootz callz for it with a Megaphone .
92 76 Jack-In-The-Box Toob Grunt callz for it with a Megaphone .