Rolling Ballz
The RollingBall logic is used to control the rolling ball hazardz in each area (e.g. the Boulder in Area 1 Rocky Roadz).
A RollingBall will always travel in a straight line, until it reaches an Arrow (in which case it moves in the direction the Arrow is pointing), or a Solid Tile which will destroy it. It will roll at least eleven Tilez before it disintegratez (old age).
The Image Set: value will determine the initial direction the RollingBall will travel.

Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: RollingBall
Image Set:
LEVEL_ROLLINGBALL_ + EAST ball startz rolling toward the east
or NORTH ball startz rolling toward the north
or SOUTH ball startz rolling toward the south
or WEST ball startz rolling toward the west
Speed: 0 (default) speed of the RollingBall in milliseconds.
The value is the time the RollingBall takes to travel the distance of one Tile in any direction.
For example, a value of 1000 means the RollingBall takes 1 second to travel 1 Tile.
Area Graphicz set Image
1 Rocky Roadz Rock 1
2 Gruntziclez Snow Ball
3 Trouble in the Tropicz Rock 3 (Coconut)
4 High on Sweetz Malted-milk Ball
5 High Rollerz 8 Ball
6 Honey, I Shrunk the Gruntz Olive
7 The Miniature Masterz Golf Ball
8 Gruntz in Space Rock 8