36 - Unbreakable Brick

The only way to acquire (most) Brickz is via a Megaphone .

Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: CoveredPowerUp or InGameIcon
Score: 0 the sequence number of the item to be called for from the GruntzMachine.
Important! this field must not remain 0!!!
If it is, no items will ever be in the GruntzMachine!
Same as for CoveredPowerup
Points: 0 is the ID number of the Tool, Toy, or Brick that will appear in the GruntzMachine.
36 is the ID number of the Unbreakable Brick
Same as for CoveredPowerup
Powerup: 50 specifies the object is a Megaphone. 0 (default ... not used)

Note: due to an error in the Gruntz game engine, a Megaphone within a CoveredPowerup will co-inhabit the space with an empty note , which will cause any grunt of the solver to stop and read the (empty) note in that space.
So the use of the InGameIcon is preferred over a CoveredPowerup.
A Bricklayer Grunt alwayz has a supply of Breakable (Brown) Brickz ,
but it is sometimez useful to have something that will prevent an enemy Gauntletz Grunt from passing,
as an Unbreakable (Gold) Brick .

You may provide the solver with the meanz to acquire such a desirable Brick.