Score: Image Explicit Image URL Description
35 Gauntletz-breaker (Red) Brick
36 Unbreakable (Gold) Brick
37 Teleporter (Blue) Brick
38 Bomb (Black) Brick
39 Breakable (Brown) Brick

You can call for specific types of Brickz via the Megaphone !

A Bricklayer Grunt alwayz has a supply of Breakable (Brown) Brickz ,
but it is sometimez useful to have something that will prevent an enemy Gauntletz Grunt from passing,
as an Unbreakable (Gold) Brick ;
or take away his Tool, as a Gauntletz-breaker (Red) Brick ;
or remove him from the area, as a Teleporter (Blue) Brick ;
or remove him from the game entirely, as a Bomb (Black) Brick .

You may provide the solver with the meanz to acquire such a desirable Brick.

Or you can be a bit mean, and just give him an Ordinary Brick for his/her effort!