The evolution of "Not Without My Wingz"

The map arrived with the default "Monolith Productions, Inc." in the "Author:" box, so we have no idea who created the puzzle in the first place.

The first thing I (GooRoo) noticed was all of the totally empty space at the edgez, and what it would look like containing only the "meat of the puzzle">.

Even trimmed back that way (impossible to do with only changing "Plane Properties"), there was lotz and lotz of purely empty space. So I considered what space was truly required to include all of the puzzle aspectz.

Since I had created the full sized map, and the 'trimmed' version, a bit of snipping the actual puzzlez (removing as much empty space as possible) and pasting the piecez back together left a reasonable sized map, but with all of the 'content' of the original intact ... and it looked interesting!

With a bit of work, the basic layout of "Not Without Our Wingz" was in place, but it still lacked something, so I added to the basic map, resulting in "Not Without Our Wingz".

Some thingz for would-be Gruntz Custom Level Designerz to consider:
  • Gruntz will not walk into water, so a crooked Bridge is not an obstacle ... just click on a destination, and the Grunt goez there, no problem, no need to click on a single Bridge Tile! Making the Bridge out of Crumbling tilez addz nothing to the difficulty ... just removez the evidence of the Grunt's passage. And (if there is room for two Gruntz at the destination), two Gruntz will pass over a Crumbling Bridge with only one Bridge tile per 'step'! So I changed the Crumbling Bridge slightly, replacing a Crumbling Bridge Tile with a Toggling Bridge Tile . Now, the Grunt (and "there can be only one" (my Highlander is showing) , because the lead Grunt) will stop (or at least hesitate) when arriving at the (lowered) Bridge Tile ... and the trailing Grunt dumpz into the water, leaving no Goo behind. And if the Grunt (with the solver in control) waitz too long ... he swimz ... badly.
  • A map all at one level lookz ... boring. A map with level changez without stairwayz lookz ... wrong!
    And a map consisting exclusively of tile #001
    (in a graphicz set with seven additional (differing) tilez of the same basic color)
    just showz that the Designer is lazy and/or unimaginative. The Tilez/Block Copy menu item makez it easy to create a string of tilez, and fill the map with a semi-random basic ground area. (I use PI (3.141592654) or a natural logarithm e (.497149872) to offset one row from the next ... copy X=3,Y=0 to X=0,Y=1 (first digit of PI), adding 1 to each Y and selecting the next digit (of PI) as the next X value.) Since there are only eight tilez per set, 9=1 in my method.
    Of course, if you know your map is going to be small (and dense!) with level changez, Water/Bad Water areaz, Holez, Spikez, Rockz, et cetera ... Tile # 001 (or any tile repeated) is not a problem.
    But if a large open area (suitable for eluding armed enemy Gruntz) is necessary, fill it with a variety of tilez.
  • Using a mixture of light (tilez 001 through 008 in "Rocky Roadz"), dark (tilez 009 through 16) and 'transition' tilez (tilez 17 through 36, in most graphicz setz), you can create backgroundz of an interesting nature.
    For example, the 'archaological dig'

  • A Grunt armed with a Sword is not afraid of any other Grunt, so it really makez no sense to have a "Dumb Chaser" enemy Grunt so armed . A "Dumb Chaser" should be puny ... or even Bare-handed !
    The same goez for a well-armed "Smart Chaser" ... they will attack as soon as an enemy is sensed.
    For some reason you rarely see a "Hit and Run" Grunt so well armed put into a puzzle.
    Ah! But a "Defender" (or an "Object Guard" ) ... that's a different story!