Instructionz for an HTML Walkthrough

Gruntz walkthroughz are multi-level documentz. The Directory Tree (folderz) are set up as follows:

ROOT Folder Folder Folder Contentz of the folder
hintz/ both 'Standard' and 'Custom' Level folderz
filez "How To Play", "Glossary", etc.
user-designed puzzlez (not Monolith-supplied)
Acid ...
Gaby ...
Author, Acknowledgementz, etc.
CustomLevel/ Index.html
and componentz unique to the Custom Level
(Toolz, Toyz, etc.)

At the same 'level' as the "hintz" folder are other Gruntz supporting folderz, such as the editor, images, emoticons, etc.

To reference another component of the Custom Level, just supply the name of the component: "Index.html".

To reference something common to the Designer (each one getz their own folder), use a single "back reference" string of "../", and the name of the component: "../Author.html.

To reference something common to Custom Levelz (but not to 'Standard' Levelz ... so far none exist), use two "back reference" stringz ("../../").

To reference something common to all Gruntz Levelz (such as "How to play" and the "../../../Glossary"), use three "back reference" stringz ("../../../").

To reference editor (Tilez), images, emoticons, etc, use four "back reference" stringz:
("../../../../images/AIGauntletz.gif"). ("../../../../emoticons/BigWink.gif").

It is my (GooRoo) intention that each Custom Level use the same namez for all of the HTML componentz, with the exception of supporting imagez (screen grabz), such as for a Crumbling Bridge mini-puzzle. Such imagez are not listed in the Index component, but only referred to in the Walkthrough component.

Some web hostz use an operating system which distinguishez between upper-case letterz and lower-case letterz, so what worked on Neron Hosting no longer worked when Plesk took over and the system changed.
Therefore, it is wise to treat the file namez as cAsE SeNsItIvE, so that the component namez are consistent ... Powerupz.html may not be treated equal to powerupz.html as they are on a Windows (XP, Home Edition) host.

All of the supporting images, emoticons, Tilez, etc. (and all of the walkthroughz in existence at the time of creation) are available on the "GruntzExtraz" CD-ROM. While that CD is merely nice to have for Gruntzerz who are solverz, it would be very valuable for Gruntzerz who are (or desire to be) Designerz.

P.S. It is also nice to supply a Statz Page image showing a "PERFECT!" result.