Stargate Journey

Custom Level and Walkthrough

Author:What the designer of this puzzle revealz about him/herself.
About:Stargate Journey the ideaz behind the title of this Custom Gruntz Level.
How to play:Basic instructionz about playing Gruntz.
Gruntz:What you have to work with; what you may acquire.
Walkthrough:the designer'z idea of how to solve the CL.
Making the King happy:
Coinz:Where will you find them?
Megaphonez:Where do you find them?
PowerUpz:There are none in this Custom Level.
Secretz:Where do you find them?
Toolz:Where may you acquire them?
Toyz:There are none in this Custom Level.
Warp letterz:Where are they?
Acknowledgementz:All about the people who contributed to this Custom Level, either by examples, or actively; the people (giantz) upon whose shoulderz I stood while making this level.
Glossary:descriptionz of standard acronymz used in Gruntz.