Gruntz Custom Level Releasez
Medium Difficulty ... F
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Custom Level name
Year Month Day Area Map Statz
Fancy Footwork OldOne 2006 May 13 Trouble In The Tropicz 40X40 32X24 40
Fire In The Kitchen SpongzGruntzer 2003 September 16 Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz 35X61 32X24 .Doc 4
Fire Walking AlexAndGruntz 2007 June 9 Trouble In The Tropicz 45X36 32X24 12
Flamenco Gruntzerz Gaby 2006 September 6 Trouble In The Tropicz 65X69 32X24 98
Fleur De Lis Gaby 2010 October 25 Trouble In The Tropicz 55X55 32X24 67
Flower Power Gaby 2007 February 26 The Miniature Masterz 77X77 32X24* 240
Follow The Chocolate Road OldOne 2005 December 10 High On Sweetz 80X80 32X24 100
Follow The Leader BattlezM 2006 December 19 Gruntziclez 40X40 32X24 21
Foolz Gold BattlezM 2006 October 13 High On Sweetz 80X80 32X24 9
Fortress Invasion SwordGrunt 2012 March 25 Rocky Roadz 35X32 32X24 18
Freedom Is Not Free! Gamer 2001 December 1 Rocky Roadz 32X20!! 32X24 .Doc 5
Frozen Brainz SpongzGruntzer 2003 September 7 Gruntziclez 65X48 32X24 .Doc 5
Full House Of Fun GooRoo 2002 February 25 High Rollerz 48X80 32X24 66
Fun For Your Feet Gamer 2011/2020 March/Feb 15/5 Gruntz In Space 32X30 0
Funny Money Gaby 2008 June 29 High Rollerz 75X75 32X24 92
Notation explanationz 777*
777 for 15 Questz. Average number of Coinz available for a "PERFECT!" score. 51