WALKTHROUGH – “Fancy Footwork” by Oldone

One grunt warps in to land between two silver switchez. He has plenty of time, so he can check out the way the silver pyramidz move before he continues on. Choose the outer ring of pyramidz and go to the first section. (In each section you will hit a BOTS which will allow you to continue. It will also close off the last section you were in, so be sure to do everything in each section.)

1. Make your way through this area but standing on the green hold switchez as you come to them. When everything is broken and all the goodiez have been picked up and all switchez tripped, you can head back to the silver pyramidz and to the next section. (I recommend that you save as you enter each one, and then again as you leave.)

2. In this area, go to the lower right and left, then upper left and right. Be sure to leave a straight path from the silver switch to the pyramidz.

3. If you did all the standard levelz, then this puzzle should be familiar. Go to the right side (don’t forget to get that BOTS) and get the green switch. (There are many hidden coinz in this area, so go behind all the treez.) Stand at the top right and wait for the ballz to clear, then step on the two left-pointing arrowz and make your way to the bottom, avoiding the ballz. Timing is important when you come back to this area. Those ballz are dangerous!

4. Man, I hate these partz! Get that BOTS and then go to the down arrow on the far right. Next get over to the bottom left corner and then out. Whew!

5. I know. I hate arrowz too, but you have to admit that you feel great when you’ve beaten the challenge. So. . . Go south to the green switch, left to the black switch, north to the down pyramid, and south again. Then come back out. Look at that! You got a tool! Granted not the best one, but maybe it will come in handy.

6. Go left and find the BOTS. Get the coin and make your way to the top left, then to the top coin and the letter. Now back to the right and out. Man it was hot in there!

7. Avoid the timebombz at all costs. Also, don’t let him blow himself up; you really need him until all the rockz are gone. Then kill him.

8. It’s awfully warm here, but there is a method to my madness. Top left corner, top right, bottom right and don’t forget the bottom left. Then out. See, wasn’t that easy?

Now it’s time to go to the middle ring of silver pyramidz. We need to lose those springz, because if you look carefully the upper pyramidz are moving a little too fast for us. So go south first, hit that green switch (don’t forget the spikez) and then quickly come back. Save!! Now go north, hit the green switch, go to the inner ring and pick up the Warpstone. Don’t hesitate along the way or you’ll be smushed. Timing! Congratulations! Perfect!


1 Tool             40 coinz          2 secretz