X Y Secret Type Description of the location
0 16 Secret Switch Located between Palm treez (largely hidden) near the GruntCreationPad .
It changez nine tilez with the Warp letter in the middle

making it possible to pick up the Warp letter .

0 25 Red Warp (RW) The SecretTeleporterTrigger is an ordinary tile in the southwest (last safe ground tile).
Warpstone passez by five enemy Gruntz .
He goez past the Arrow and walkz to the end of the path to activate the RW .
The RW will open six tilez to the east.
The RW will take you to the area north of the King's Fortress, where there are three Coinz (Coinz #9, #10 and #11) in plain sight, and three more Coinz (Coinz #7, #8 and #12) hidden behind Palm treez.
He getz past the Arrow with the help of 'friendly fire' .