No. Toy X Y Where you find it
1 Yo-yo 69 1 On a floating island with an enemy grunt nearby.
2 Beach Ball 38 68 In plain sight next to a cupcake and four spikez tilez in a very small room.
3 Monster Wheel 13 97 In plain sight on a pleateau with three Green Hold Switchez , with three enemy gruntz holding them down..
4 Jack-In-The-Box 98 63 Under a cupcake on the north side of a very small pool of water.
5 Freeze Scroll 35 54 In plain sight near Candy Canez and three Rolling (Malted) Milk Ballz and a Black One-Time Switch ... that must not be pressed!
6 Resurrection Scroll 21 43 Buried in a Mound on a plateau with four enemy gruntz daring you to come near.
7 Baby Walker 22 16 In plain sight where there are four enemy gruntz .
8 Pogo Stick 19 24
In plain sight on a plateau with stairz to the north
and to the south , and going up to the east.

9 Go-Kart 28 25 In plain sight on a plateau near two Blue Hold Switchez and a Blue Toggle Switch .