Secret X Y Where it openz, where it goez, and what you do
Red Warp #1 0 79 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a Mound in the southwest corner of the room, with a Coin in it.
The RW will open near the Black One-Time Switch to the north.
Your flight landz you next to a Mound in a very small room, next to another Mound between you and the return RW .
There is a Coin and the Warp letter buried in that room.
RW #2 15 5 The SecretTeleporterTrigger is a Crumbling Bridge Tile in space just north of an island with an enticing Coin on it.
The RW will open on the peninsula southwest of the enticing Coin.
The RW will take you to a very small room with a Coin and the Warp letter in plain sight.