Where you may find them, in finding order

No. X Y Callz for Grunt Found
1 41 73 Gauntletz Gauntletz #2 In plain sight in the room where he enterz the puzzle, blocked by three Dice Cubez.
2 6 0 Gravity Bootz Springz #1 In plain sight next to a Black One-Time Switch on the diving platform in the middle of the lap pool.
3 46 79 Shovel Shovel #3 In plain sight
(surrounded by Holez and Spikez )
in the SE corner of the room where GooberStraw #5
and Gravity Bootz #4 entered the puzzle.

Sacrificing his tender feet, he createz a safe path to it.
4 34 5 Gravity Bootz Gauntletz #4 He breakz a Die Cube in the room to reveal it.
Note: It does not matter which Megaphone you acquire and use first! The objectz will be called for in the listed order.

In this Custom Level, it is possible (intentionally designed that way, so the solver can "go wrong, go wrong") to use the objectz called for in other than in the intended solving sequence. If you find that you have failed to pick up and use a Megaphone, you will have to go back to a previous SAVE (hopefully not all the way back to the beginning) and keep Grumley, the keeper of the GruntzMachine (Resourcez) on his toez!