December 3, 2015 Gruntz Custom Level Releasez
32 Custom Questz of a possible 32
"V2 added to the original Standard Level Name
# Custom Level name
Designer # How
Map Statz
Rocky Roadz Stages 1 through 4 ... Rocky Roadz
1 The Giant Rock GooRoo
(ala MPI)
W Easy 32X32 32X24 Video 4
2 Holy Shovelz! GooRoo
(ala MPI)
A Easy 32X32 32X24 Video 3
3 Gruntz, Start Your Enginez! SwordGrunt R Medium 32X32 32X24 Video 8
4 I Get By With A Little Help From My Friendz GooRoo
(ala MPI)
P Medium 32X32 32X24 Video 5
Gruntziclez Stages 1 through 4 ... Gruntziclez
5 Spyz Like Us SwordGrunt W Easy 38X38 32X24 Video 7
6 Brick Layerz Have All The Fun GooRoo A Medium 38X38 32X24 Video 40
7 The Grunt That Was Left Behind GooRoo
(ala MPI)
R Medium 38X38 32X24 Video 7
8 I Want A Rock Right Now GooRoo
(ala MPI)
P Medium 38X38 32X24 4
TroubleI n The Tropicz Stages 1 through 4 ... Trouble In The Tropicz
9 Toobin' It GooRoo
(ala MPI)
W Medium 46X46 32X24 12
10 La La La La La Bomba GooRoo
(ala MPI)
A Medium 46X46 32X24 7
11 Now Who Put That Warpstone Piece There?! GooRoo R Medium 46X46 32X24 21
12 Guardz! There's A Thief On The Premisez! SwordGrunt P Medium 46X46 32X24 17
High On Sweetz Stages 1 through 4 ... High On Sweetz
13 Just Wing It SwordGrunt W Easy 48X48 32X24 21
14 Candlez And Cupcakez And Bombz, Oh My! GooRoo
(ala MPI)
A Medium 48X48 32X24 16
15 You Take The High Road And I'll Take The Low GooRoo
(ala MPI)
R Medium 48X48 32X24 7
16 The Intersection GooRoo
(ala MPI)
P Medium 48X48 32X24 21
High Rollerz Stages 1 through 4 ... High Rollerz
17 Swordz Akimbo SwordGrunt W Easy 48X48 32X24 16
18 I've Alwayz Wanted To Be A Welder GooRoo
(ala MPI)
A Medium 48X48 32X24 10
19 Back From The Dead And Into The Pool GooRoo
(ala MPI)
R Medium 48X48 32X24 13
20 Keep Your Eye On The Ball GooRoo P Medium 48X48 32X24 18
Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz Stages 1 through 4 ... Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz
21 You Should Never Play Near Electrical Outletz BattlezM W Medium 60X60 32X24 21
22 Pay No Attention To The Grunt With The Shield GooRoo
(ala MPI)
A Medium 60X60 32X24 14
23 The Big Split Up SwordGrunt R Medium 60X60 32X24 27
24 With Four Gruntz, You Can Take On The World! GooRoo
(ala MPI)
P Medium 60X60 32X24 12
The Miniature Masterz Stages 1 through 4 ... The Miniature Masterz
25 Come Back With A Friend BattlezM
(ala MPI)
W Medium 70X70 32X24 26
26 Save That Squeak Toy! GooRoo
(ala MPI)
A Medium 70X70 32X24 25
27 Golf Anyone SwordGrunt R Medium 42X42 32X24 14
28 Where's My Buddy? Guenter
P Medium 70X70 32X24 29
The Miniature Masterz Stages 1 through 4 ... Gruntz In Space
29 Use Those Sponge Gunz! GooRoo
(ala MPI)
W Medium 80X80 32X24 15
30 Would You Like Some Holez To Go With That? GooRoo
(ala MPI)
A Medium 80X80 32X24 23
31 Could Someone Get Those Purple Switchez For Me? GooRoo
(ala MPI)
R Medium 80X80 32X24 9
32 The Final Battle SwordGrunt P Medium 80X80 32X24 25
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