Secret Switch
This Switch allowz the designer to temporarily change one or more Tilez into something else;
usually an impassable Tile of some sort into one that may be passed easily.

Click here for more information on Switchez.

For example, a Construction Pyramid (impassable) into a Foundation Tile , easily crossed.
This example will do that, allowing 3 secondz (quite a lot of time, really) for the solver to move the Grunt past the Tile.

Place this logic on the Construction Pyramid Tile:
Edit Objects Dialog Box
Logic: TileSecretTrigger
Points: 0 default ... no delay
500 an arbitrary 'reaction time' delay of 1/2 second
Smarts: 0 default
301 the Tile ID for a Foundation Tile
Damage: 0 default
3000 millisecondz (3 secondz) as #301, then back to #302
Object Rectangles Dialog Box
Move Rects: Left Id of the Secret Switch
Using several such TileSecretTriggerz, the designer can 'lead' the solver through a number of Tilez, toward a desired goal. A delay of zero and a Tile several Tilez away changing into an Arrow for a second meanz "come here". Calculating how long (at the typical 600 millisecondz per Tile) it takez to get there, another Tile changez after such a delay, meaning "now to here".

One good use of a SecretSwitch and TileSecretTriggerz is to create a temporary bridge across Water (or empty space) to nearby 'safe' land. The 'purist' will create Landing Areaz at both endz of the Bridge, as well as the Bridge Tilez, as:
Water - before Water - after Space - before Space - after

To have the Bridge appear sequentially (in the above example), instead of all at once, each TileSecretTrigger to the left (or right) of the preceding one would have 600 (millisecondz) added to the "Points:" value of the previous TileSecretTrigger.

Happy designing!!!