Gruntz Custom Level Releasez
Medium Difficulty ... E
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Custom Level name
Year Month Day Area Map Statz
Easter Bunniez Gaby & OldOne 2009 April 6 High On Sweetz 65X53 32X24 80
Eggz For Two GooRoo 2011 March 15 Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz 32X24 48
Elephantia Gaby 2006 November 7 Gruntz In Space 65X47 32X24 41
Eye Of Horus Gaby 2008 December 5 Gruntz In Space 49X49 32X24 115
No 'Medium' difficulty Custom Levelz 'E...' exist for these graphicz areaz Rocky Roadz 1
Gruntziclez 2
Trouble In The Tropicz 3
High Rollerz 5
The Miniature Masterz 7
Notation explanationz 284*
284 for 4 Questz. Average number of Coinz available for a "PERFECT!" score. 71