Gruntz Custom Level Releasez
Medium Difficulty ... D
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Custom Level name
Year Month Day Area Map Statz
Defend Your Castle PinkGoo 2007 September 16 Rocky Roadz 61X40 32X24 8
Delay Him For As Long As Possible Zu 2015 June 14 Gruntz In Space 32X24 32X24 0
Delta Complex (September 25) SwordGrunt 2013 October 3 Gruntz In Space 80X56 32X24 26
Deja-vu Nemored 2006 May 14 Gruntziclez 32X25 32X24 .txt 8
Dice On Spikez Gaby 2006 June 9 High Rollerz 69X69 32X24 90
Dog Gruntzing Gaby 2008 May 14 Trouble In The Tropicz 80X80 32X24 120
Don Kichote Gaby 2010 May 1 Gruntziclez 70X70 32X24 100
Don't Fly! Zu 2019 May 1 High On Sweetz 32X24 20
Double Back BattlezM 2015 June 3 High Rollerz 60X40 32X24 8
Double Down Brenda 2001 December 11 High Rollerz 60X60 32X24 *** 21
Dream Land MikaZ 2010 February 28 High On Sweetz 80X80 32X24 20
Duck! Gaby 2006 August 28 The Miniature Masterz 71X45 32X24 125
No 'Medium' difficulty Custom Levelz 'D...' exist for this graphicz area Honey, I Shrunk The Gruntz 6
Notation explanationz 526*
526 for 11 Questz. Average number of Coinz available for a "PERFECT!" score. 47