WarpStonePad (Battlez only)

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Logic: WarpStonePad
Score: 0 ... default (player ownz the WarpStonePad)
1 ... player 2's 'team' ownz the WarpStonePad
2 ... player 3's 'team' ownz the WarpStonePad
3 ... player 4's 'team' ownz the WarpStonePad
Object Flags:
No Draw checked
The WarpStonePad logic allows a player in a Battlez game to defeat all the other players at the same time by placing the warpstone pieces on tiles that have this logic. The tiles designated with this logic can be any tile that a grunt is capable of walking on, but for fairness' sake should be one that stands out, such as a switch tile.

Up to 4 warpstone pieces can be used and can be placed anywhere in the map, including in a hole or a rock.
The Warpstone pads can also be placed anywhere in the world including as CoveredPowerUps, but each player must receive the same number of pads as there are warpstone pieces.

Since the WarpStonePad functions like a switch, the CalcCowID button must be pressed when placing or moving a WarpStonePad.