85 - ToyBox
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Logic: InGameIcon
Score: 0 ... default (player ownz the ToyBox)
1 ... player 2's 'team' ownz the ToyBox
2 ... player 3's 'team' ownz the ToyBox
3 ... player 4's 'team' ownz the ToyBox
Powerup: 0 (default ... not used)
It simply does not work to place a Toy Box within a CoveredPowerup!
In the Gruntz Level Editor, the color of the Toybox will always be Green, without regard to which team actually 'owns' the ToyBox.
In a Quest Custom Level, use Score:=1, 2 or 3 to cause your own Grunt to play with the Toy.
See Gamer's Custom Level Bombz Away! for an interesting use of this possibility.
Thus, a Spy Gear Grunt would be used to allow any of your own Gruntz to pick up the ToyBox, without having to play with the Toy that is in it.