Walkthrough for "I Love Pogostickz!" CL

You start with one bare-handed Grunt. Go to first Orange Switch and pick up Pogostick. Go to the top and pass the bridge most to the left. You have to force enemy GauntletzGrunt to pass hazards maze and break brick to the top.

Pass hazardz maze and pick up Gauntletz. Press second Orange Switch and go to the area with enemy BoxingGlovezGruntz. Kill enemy the closest to you and go bottom way avoiding two enemies remain. Now you have to pick up Springz. But watch out: underneath green mushrooms are placed TimeBombz, and when activated - will kill BombGrunt. He's holding Green Switch, so take care of him! And don't pick up coin yet - you'll do it later. Now, when you have Springz, come back to the area with BoxingGlovezGruntz. Jump through holez and onto spikez, near TimeBombz Tool. When enemy will hit you, you'll have some time to escape without knocking into deadly holez.

It's time to activate SecretTeleporterTrigger! Kill enemy BoxingGlovezGrunt near tile with ugly-looking golfing ball. Better to save your game, because you'll be teleported onto RollingBallz trail! Collect coins and get back.

Go to the top of the map to the area with enemy SwordGrunt ( you have to destroy some brickz by the way ). You have to kill him, and go to the most right area, with Megaphone. Now go to the BombGrunt area, with mushroom rockz. Destroy all of them. Pick up coin and go to the bottom right corner. Plant a bomb, save the game. Press Secret Switch and go to the top of the area. There will appear new way, following to W letter!

Go to the top of the map and pick up Gauntletz. Place Pogostick ( as Toybox ) on CheckPoint Switch and pick up Magic Scroll. Now it's all about the timing. Cast freeze spell, step onto CheckPoint Trigger, destroy mushrooms and pass Silver Pyramids maze! Give purple SwordGrunt Pogostick, get Warpstone from resourcez and ... make King happy!