Walkthrough for "Hole It Out!" CL

You start with one Grunt. Go to the left, through a golfing ballz area and pick up Springz. Jump onto the tile with ZapCola and go bottom way. You have to kill GravityBootzGrunt first. Then, avoiding GooberzGrunt ( you won't have enough health to continue with ) kill BareHanded one. Now, you have to kill third one - Gooberz Grunt. Hit him few times, pick up Keg of ZapCola and finish your job. You have to lose as less health as possible. Now - it's time for BrickLayingToolzGrunt. After all of this you can pick up three coinz at the bottom. Go through lowered GreenPyramids ( lowered by purple ClubGrunt ) and pick up another Keg of Zapcola. Now it's easier part. Kill GravityBootzGrunt and then - BareHandedGrunt.

Go to the north, activate two GreenToggleSwitches ... Don't pick up Gauntletz yet! Jump through the spikez and stand next to the holez. You have to jump through them, and reactive GreenToggleSwitch. Now - return and pick up Gauntletz & Zapcola. Once again, you have to lose as less health as possible, so when you will walk through the spikez, cut every corner! Remember, when you walk through through two tiles with spikez on them, you lose twice less health! Now, go through the GreenPyramidz and pick up ZapCola. Under a rock to the right is MagicWand hidden. Try to kill three purple enemies by casting one spell. It IS possible! Just save your game, and get little closer to them. When all of them will move from their positions, cast your spell. Then cast another one to press SilverSwitch and go through the SilverPyramidz maze. Third spell is for the enemy standing on your way later ( he's dark green SwordGrunt ).

Pick up pair of GravityBootz and go to the east. Your objective is to convert those two enemies standing out there. However, you'll need GravityBootz. So ... make ToolThief take them away from you and then, pick up "Join Us" Powerup. Convert enemy ToolThief and then do the same with enemy SwordGrunt. Result? You should have GravityBootzGrunt and SwordGrunt in your squad! Now it's time for SecretSwitch ... Place both of your Gruntz just like in picture below. Press SecretSwitch and collect coins ...

Place both of your Gruntz on CheckPoint platez to the west ( SwordGrunt will have to lose some health, unfortunately ). Next part is really easy - GravityBootz goes bottom way, through spikez, and presses SilverSwitch. SwordGrunt passes SilverPyramids and kills green BareHandedGrunt. After he died, press GreenToggleSwitch and return. SwordGrunt picks up a Keg of ZapCola, and GravityBootzGrunt takes Toobz. ToobzGrunt swims towards BlueToggleSwitch and SwordGrunt joins him. Now, it's time for OrangePyramidzMaze! SwordGrunt have to press following switchez in right order:

Now, pick up ReactiveArmor and kill all enemy GauntletzGruntz. Both of your Gruntz picks up Wingz.

Break mushroom at the bottom, under which a timebomb is hidden. It will blow up every mushroom it that area. Then, break next three mushrooms to the right and pick up a coin. Go to the top, where enemy GauntletzGrunt is. Hold on few seconds, and break mushroom in front of you. Result should be destroyed RedBrick. Enemy will keep destroying brickz and make you way to the the GreenToggleSwitch. Kill BoxingGlovezGrunt, press a switch and pick up a coin. Now, get back to the set of six bricks in the middle. Break those bricks in following order:

You will lose your Gauntletz, but you wouldn't use them later anyway. Collect all coins and - it's time for SilverPyramids.

Pick up a Megaphone and give your WingzGrunt a Shovel. Dig up a hole and walk through lowered GreenPyramids. Pick up ZapColas, equip new toolz and activate your CheckPoint. You have two ways up ahead - left and right. Knock your ShovelGrunt into a right way, and your SpongeGunGrunt goes left way.

Your ShovelGrunt digs up every mound he can ( there is FOUR of them ), and after that - takes Springz and picks up coin. Jump next to the top mushroom and take a coin. Go to the right, through a toggling bridgez. Go ahead, press the GreenToggleSwitch and go to the Wingz. Now, it's time to find SecretTeleporterTrigger! With your wingz, come back to the GreenToggleSwitch to the right ( try not to use a Wingz ). Activate a trigger, enter a warp and, of course, collect coins and the R letter!

With your WingzGrunt step onto a OrangeSwitch, to set SpongeGunGrunt free. Then, WingzGrunt flies to the GreenHoldSwitch ( try to choose as shortest way as possible ) and stays there. Switch to the SpongeGunGrunt. Knock two SwordGruntz into a holez. When enemy GauntletzGrunt will sense you, step back and let him smash that mushroom up ahead. When he will be done - knock him as well. Go to the north, and pick up Gauntletz ( watch out! There is a popping up golfing ball beneath! ). Smash mushrooms and destroy brickz. Then - equip a Shovel and go to the GreenHoldSwitch. Now, let your WingzGrunt join him. Replace ShovelGrunt with WingzGrunt on a GreenHoldSwitch. Now, hit the last CheckPoint with your ShovelGrunt. Dig up a hole in the middle and press OrangeSwitch. Now, WingzGrunt picks up a Bomb and blows up mushrooms at the bottom. Now, ShovelGrunt digs up another hole, close to the pink SwordGrunt, and picks up a Pogo-Stick ( and, of course, presses RedToggleSwitch ). Give it to enemy and dig up the last hole. Take Gauntletz and break mushroom at the top-left corner. There is MagicScroll hidden. Cast your freezing spell, kill three enemies, and break last mushroom ... there is WarpStone piece! Give it to the king and ... that's all!